Trumpets from the Tower

English Puritan Printing in the Netherlands 1600-1640


This volume deals with English Puritan book printing and publishing in the Netherlands, especially in the cities of Amsterdam and Leiden, in the early seventeenth century. Because of censorship in England, many Puritans had to go abroad to have their books printed. Once produced by Dutch presses, the books were shipped, or smuggled, back to England.
The book centers on a body of about 350 Puritanical books, mostly in the English language, printed in the Dutch Republic by Puritan printers in exile or by sympathetic Dutch printers. The book examines the chain of authors, printers, publishers, financial backers, smugglers, and booksellers involved. Zealous Puritan believers participated at each stage.
This book is important for studying the relationship between Dutch printing and Puritan activities in Britain.

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Keith L. Sprunger, Ph.D. (1963) in History, University of Illinois, is Oswald H. Wedel Professor of History at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas. He has published extensively in the history of Puritanism, including The Learned Doctor William Ames (Illinois, 1972) and Dutch Puritanism (Brill, 1982).
"Persecution and internal squabbling lend an air of drama to the book, which is not lacking in humour either, making it highly readable."
Ana E. C. Simoni, Times Literary Supplement, 1995.

"...for people familiar with any of these topics - or for those with bibliographical interests - this volume has much to offer."
M.T. Pearse, Mennonite Quarterly Review, 1995.

"...this monograph brings scattered material together, corrects and updates it, adds information from Dutch sources, and provides a clearly written introduction to the publishers, printers, and their products. All scholars of English separatists and Protestant protesters from the early seventeenth century will want to consult it."
Paul Christianson, Sixteenth Century Journal, 1995.

"Because of the extensive research that Sprunger has done in English and Dutch archives, the book will certainly serve as an invaluable reference work on books, authors, printers, and publishers. The book is well written despite the density and detail of the text. Anyone interested in the topic of early Stuart Puritanism would do well to read this fine monograph, which should long remain authoritative on its chosen subject."
Howard S. Reinmuth, The Historian, 1995.
All those interested in the history of Puritanism in England, the Netherlands, and America, in the history of book printing, and in church history.