The Apocryphon of Jannes and Jambres the Magicians

P. Chester Beatty XVI (with New Editions of Papyrus Vindobonensis Greek inv. 29456 + 29828 verso and British Library Cotton Tiberius B. v f. 87). Edited with Introduction, Translation and Commentary. With Full Facsimile of All Three Texts


The focus of this volume is the editio princeps of Papyrus Chester Beatty XVI: The Apocryphon of Jannes and Jambres, composed in Greek, perhaps as early as the first century C.E. A full commentary accompanies the edited text.
An introductory section discusses the numerous references to the two magicians, who appear in Jewish, Christian and Pagan literatures as Moses' crafty opponents at the time of Israel's exodus from Egypt. Their exploits are recounted in over half a dozen languages, from the Syriac east to the Latin west and from Egypt's deserts to King Alfred's court.
The Apocryphon is placed in its Graeco-Roman context, but is also discussed as a backdrop for the Faust saga of European literature. A basic book for anyone interested in biblical and related literatures.
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Biographical Note

Albert Pietersma, Ph.D. (1970) in Near Eastern Studies, University of Toronto, is Professor of Near Eastern Studies, University of Toronto. He has published numerous articles and books on Septuagint Studies as well as on papyrus manuscripts in Greek and Coptic, including The Acts of Phileas Bishop of Thmuis (Geneva, 1984).

Review Quotes

"It is our good fortune that Pietersma presents his editio princeps of this material in such a full, interesting and elegant fashion." – L.H.F., in: Old Testament Abstracts, 1995
" edition and translation of the fragments accompanied by an excellent commentary." – M.A. Knibb, in: Society for Old Testament Study, 1995
"Avec un art certain, l'auteur sait reconstituer les lacunes tout en adoptant une position très prudente, pour éviter les reconstitutions hasardeuses. Cet excellent commentaire, agrémenté de nombreux index, s'adresse tant aux spécialistes du judaïsme égyptien et aux papyrologues grecs qu'à ceux qui s'intéressent à l'histoire de l'exégèse biblique ou aux origines du christianisme en Egypte." – Jean-Daniel Dubois, in; Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, 1994
"A splendid study of this lost work about the magicians who attempted to aid the Pharaoh in his contest with Moses. A critical contribution to studies of apocrypha and pseudepigrapha which should be added to research collections as well as seminary libraries to supplement holdings in biblical and related literature." – C. Thomas McCollough, in: Religious Studies Review, 1996
"A. Pietersma est arrivé a un résultat vraiment impressionnant…" – Michel van Esbroeck, in: Bulletin des Publications Hagiographiques


All those interested in biblical literature and literatures based on the Bible, students of Graeco-Roman religion, the early history of the Faust legend, as well as Greek philologists and papyrologists.


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