The Aphidoidea (Hemiptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark, Volume 5. Family Aphididae: Part 2 of Tribe Macrosiphini of Subfamily Aphidinae


Keys and descriptions of some of the aphids belonging to the Macrosiphini occurring in Scandinavia are given with drawings and colour plates. Among the genera are Myzus, Nasonovia, Acyrthosiphon and Macrosiphum. The other genera and species of Macrosiphini are treated in vol. IV and the coming vol. VI, which is the last one of The Aphidoidea of Fennoscandia and Denmark. Descriptions include morphology, distribution and biology.

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Ole E. Heie, Dr. phil. (1967) in Zoology, University of Copenhagen, is Professor of Biology at The Royal Danish School of Educational Studies (DLH). He has published more than 120 papers (books and articles) on taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, zoogeography and palaeontology of aphids, including Studies on fossil aphids (1967), and other fields of biology and biology education, including Handbook of Biology Teaching (in Danish, 1977-78).
'Für die heutige Blattlauskunde und besonders für ihre Anwendung in Gartenbau, Forst- und Landwirtschaft bildet auch die vorliegende Ausgabe des dänisch-skandinavischen Blattlauswerkes eine wertvolle Grundlage.' A.W. Steffan, Entomologia Generalis, Vol. 27 no. 1, 2004
All those interested in entomology and the insect fauna of Europe, especially those interested in identification, distribution, biology and agricultural importance of aphids.
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