Morphology and Syntax of Old Hindī

Edition and Analysis of One Hundred Kabīr vānī Poems from Rājasthān


Author: Jaroslav Strnad
With Morphology and Syntax of Old Hindī scholars and students of medieval Hindī literature acquire an essential tool for learning one of its important but difficult dialects, the so called sadhukkarī bhāshā. Based on an early Rājasthānī manuscript, the volume includes a commented edition of one hundred poems attributed to medieval mystic and thinker Kabīr, followed by a detailed treatment of morphological structure and main syntactic features of the language. The exposition is accompanied by numerous textual examples and index of all lexical and grammatical morphs.
The book can be used as a descriptive grammar of the dialect in question, an aid to the study of historical development of New Indo-Aryan languages, and a reader for use in university courses.

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Jaroslav Strnad, Ph.D (1999), senior research fellow, Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, specializes on medieval North India and Hindī. His publications include articles on cultural and economic history and a monograph Monetary History of Mughal India (Harman 2001).
"The work represents a perfect tool for study, and nothing less than a comprehensive analysis of the language of the Rajasthani Kabīr tradition as transmitted in 1615 CE." - Monika Horstmann, Heidelberg, in: Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 112 (2017)
Scholars and students of Hindī language, philologists and linguists concerned with the history of New Indo-Aryan languages, all interested in reading and understanding religious texts of North Indian bhakti poets.