Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda

Annotated Critical Edition Based upon a Systematic Investigation of Greek, Latin, Arabic and Hebrew Sources


In this annotated critical edition of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda Stefan Alexandru explores and utilizes for the first time numerous previously neglected textual sources, written in Greek, Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew. The twelfth book of the Metaphysics, originally an independent treatise, is crucial for the understanding of Aristotle’s philosophy, primarily because the doctrine of the Unmoved Mover is nowhere else set forth in greater detail.
Not only all the forty-two formerly known Greek codices have been collated, but also commentaries and translations. Moreover, a hitherto undiscovered, independent manuscript, representing a tenuous and particularly valuable branch of the direct tradition, is minutely investigated. The document in question, preserved in the Vatican, is an autograph of the Byzantine humanist and Ecumenical Patriarch Gennadios II Scholarios.
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Biographical Note

Stefan Alexandru, D. Phil. (Oxford 2002), University of Heidelberg, is Visiting Scholar at the Classics Department of Harvard University. He has published books and articles on Aristotelianism and on topics of textual transmission including ‘A New Manuscript of Pseudo-Philoponus’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Containing a Hitherto Unknown Ascription of the Work’ (Phronesis, 1999).

Table of contents

Preforatory note

I. A New, Independent Manuscript of Metaph. Λ
II. The Affiliations of the Hitherto Known Codices
III. Sources of the Indirect Tradition and Editorial Approaches



An Amply Annotated Humanistic Translation of Metaphysics Lambda Unduly Fallen Into Oblivion
An Inaccurately Catalogued Greek Manuscript from the Renaissance Period



All interested in Aristotle, Metaphysics/Ontology, Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy, Theology, Ancient Astronomy, Greek Literature, Manuscript Studies, Greek Palaeography, the Graeco-Arabic Translation Movement, and the History of Textual Transmission.


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