Mechanisms of Exchange

Transmission in Medieval Art and Architecture of the Mediterranean, ca. 1000-1500

Volume Editors: Heather Grossman and Alicia Walker
Featuring eight innovative studies by prominent scholars of medieval art and architecture, this special issue of Medieval Encounters examines the specific means by which art and architectural forms, techniques, and ideas were transmitted throughout the medieval world (ca. 1000-1500). While focusing on the Mediterranean region, the collection also includes essays that expand this geographic zone into a cultural and artistic one by demonstrating contact with near and distant neighbors, thereby allowing an expanded understanding of the interconnectedness of the medieval world. The studies are united by a focus on the specific mechanisms that enabled artistic and architectural interaction, as well as the individuals who facilitated these transmissions. Authors also consider the effects and collaboration of portable and monumental arts in the creation of intercultural artistic traditions.
Contributors are: Justine Andrews, Maria Georgopoulou, Ludovico Geymonat, Heather E. Grossman, Eva Hoffman, Melanie Michailidis, Renata Holod, Scott Redford and Alicia Walker.

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Heather E. Grossman is Assistant Professor of medieval architectural and art history at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her book, Architecture and Interaction in the Thirteenth-Century Mediterranean: Building Identity in the Medieval Morea is forthcoming from Ashgate.
Alicia Walker is Assistant Professor of medieval art and architectural history at Bryn Mawr College. She is the author of The Emperor and the World: Exotic Elements and the Imaging of Middle Byzantine Imperial Power (Cambridge University Press, 2012).
"An insightful and innovative collection of articles, Mechanisms of Exchange offers scholars in the fields of art and architectural history a new methodological approach to Mediterranean material culture... a mature contribution towards opening dialogue between the fields of art and architectural history and to the methodology of Mediterranean material culture."
Johan MacKechnie, in: Al-Masaq 29 (2017).

1. Heather E. Grossman and Alicia Walker, Introduction ... 1
2. Melanie Michailidis, Samanid Silver and Trade along the Fur Route ... 17
3. Renata Holod and Yuriy Rassamakin, Imported and Native Remedies for a Wounded “Prince”: Grave Goods from the Chungul Kurgan in the Black Sea Steppe of the Thirteenth Century ... 41
4. Scott Redford, Portable Palaces: On the Circulation of Objects and Ideas about Architecture in Medieval Anatolia and Mesopotamia ... 84
5. Justine Andrews, Conveyance and Convergence: Visual Culture in Medieval Cyprus ... 115
6. Maria Georgopoulou, Vernacular Architecture in Venetian Crete: Urban and Rural Practices ... 149
7. Heather E. Grossman, On Memory, Transmission and the Practice of Building in the Crusader Mediterranean ... 183
8. Ludovico V. Geymonat, Drawing, Memory and Imagination in the Wolfenbüttel Musterbuch ... 220
9. Eva R. Hoffman, Translating Image and Text in the Medieval Mediterranean World between the Tenth and Thirteenth Centuries ... 286


All scholars, institutes, academic libraries, post-graduate students dealing with medieval, Byzantine and Islamic art and architectural history, the Mediterranean region and histories and theories of artistic and cultural interaction.