Ancient Egyptian Literature

History and Forms


This volume deals with the development and the characteristics of the literature of Ancient Egypt over a period of more than two millennia, from the monumental origins of autobiography at the end of the Old Kingdom (ca. 2150 BCE) down to the latest literary compositions in Demotic during the Graeco-Roman period (300 BCE-200 CE).
This book, the result of an international co-operation among more than twenty scholars, is divided into sections devoted to the definition of literary discourse in Ancient Egypt; the history and genres of these texts, their linguistic and stylistic features; and the image of Ancient Egypt as displayed in later literary traditions of the Mediterranean world - Greek, Coptic, Arabic.
With over thirty chapters, this volume provides an interdisciplinary account of current research in one of the methodologically most advanced fields of Egyptology.


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Biographical Note

Antonio Loprieno, Ph.D. (1977), University of Turin, Italy, and Dr. phil.habil. (1984), University of Göttingen, Germany, is Professor of Egyptology and Chairman of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has published extensively on Egyptian language and literature, including Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction, ( Cambridge University Press, 1995).

Review Quotes

' ...this book is a must for all Egyptologists for whom the study of written sources is of paramount importance. The editor who is well known for many important contributions to Egyptian linguistics and textwissenschaft has gatehered together 32 essyas covering most, if not all, aspects of textual studies.' P.J. Frandsen, JESHO, 2000.