Handbook of Classical Rhetoric in the Hellenistic Period (330 B.C.- A.D. 400)

This detailed reference work provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging introduction to classical rhetoric as it was practised in the hellenistic period (330 B.C.-A.D.400).
In three sections, it provides a thorough description and analysis of the standard categories of thought, terminology, and theoretical and historical developments of classical rhetoric, as well as providing useful bibliographies. The three sections of essays define the major categories of rhetoric, analyze rhetorical practice according to genre of writing, and treat individual writers in the rhetorical tradition. 27 international scholars from a wide range of backgrounds have contributed to this high-quality publication, which provides an state-of-the-art overview of the current research and will from the basis of future explorations.
Students of the rhetoric of the New Testament, the hellenistic period, the classical period and the patristic era will all find this volume useful and insightful, as will those with general interests in these subjects.

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Stanley E. Porter, Ph.D. (1988) in Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield, is Professor and Head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Roehampton Institute, London. He has published extensively in New Testament studies, including rhetoric.
'...Porter's handbook is a most valuable resource...For this weighty achievement the editor, the contributors, and the publisher are to be congratulated.'
John T. Kirby, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
Introduction, Stanley E. Porter

Part I: Rhetoric Defined

1. Historical Survey of Rhetoric, George A. Kennedy
2. The Genres of Rhetoric, George A. Kennedy
3. Arrangement, Wilhelm Wuellner
4. Invention, Malcolm Heath
5. Style, Galen O. Rowe
6. Delivery and Memory, Thomas H. Olbricht

Part II: Rhetoric in Practice

7. The Epistle, Jeffrey T. Reed
8. Philosophical Prose, Dirk M. Schenkeveld
9. Historical Prose, Stefan Rebenich
10. Poetry and Rhetoric, Ruth Webb
11. Biography, Richard A. Burridge
12. Oratory and Declamation, D.H. Berry and Malcolm Heath
13. Homily and Panegyrical Sermon, Folker Siegert
14. The Rhetoric of Romance, Ronald F. Hock
15. Apocalyptic and Prophetic Literature, Jonathan M. Knight
16. Drama and Rhetoric, Ruth Scodel

Part III: Individual Writers and the Rhetorical Tradition

17. The Gospels and Acts, Richard A. Burridge
18. Paul of Tarsus and His Letters, Stanley E. Porter
19. The General New Testament Writings, Lauri Thurén
20. The Johannine Writings, Dennis L. Stamps
21. The Greek Christian Writers, Wolfram Kinzig
22. The Latin Church Fathers, Philip E. Satterthwaite
23. Philo of Alexandria, Thomas M. Conley
24. Plutarch, Hubert M. Martin, Jr.
25. The Rhetoric of Josephus, Donna R. Runnalls
26. Cynics and Rhetoric, Ronald F. Hock
27. Translations of the Old Testament. I: Greek, John A.L. Lee / II: Latin, Kevin H. Lee
28. Rhetoric in the Christian Apocrypha, Richard I. Pervo
29. The Rhetoric of Inscriptions, Edwin A. Judge

Index of Ancient Authors
Index of Modern Authors
Students and scholars of New Testament Studies, classical studies, patristics, and rhetoric.