Forester Moths. The Genera Theresimima, Rhagades, Jordanita and Adscita (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae, Procridinae)

This book is an attempt to summarize all knowledge and enable entomologists to identify all species belonging to these four genera. Moreover, this work complements to the The western Palaearctic Zygaenidae and it will later be accompanied by a distribution atlas. A short summary of the characters of the Procridinae, comments on possible phylogenetic relationships, a complete check-list of species and all known synonyms, an identification key with genitalia drawings of all species, a systematic catalogue with type localities and depositories of types, data on the distribution, and annotated list of all known larval foodplants, description of new biologies and a detailed bibliography are provided. Moreover, illustrations of wing venation, morphology of antennae and legs, larval morphology, so far unpublished photos of larvae and their foodplants and colour paintings of all mentioned species are included.


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