The Reconceptualization of European Union Citizenship


This book maps out, from a variety of theoretical standpoints, the challenges generated by European integration and EU citizenship for community membership, belonging and polity-making beyond the state. It does so by focusing on three main issues of relevance for how EU citizenship has developed and its capacity to challenge state sovereignty and authority as the main loci of creating and delivering rights and protection. First, it looks at the relationship between citizenship of the Union and European identity and assesses how immigration and access to nationality in the Member States impact on the development of a common European identity. Secondly, it discusses how the idea of solidarity interacts with the boundaries of EU citizenship as constructed by the entitlement and capacity of mobile citizens to enjoy equality and social rights as EU citizens. Thirdly, the book engages with issues of EU citizenship and equality as the building blocks of the EU project. By engaging with these themes, this volume provides a topical and comprehensive account of the present and future development of Union citizenship and studies the collisions between the realisation of its constructive potential and Member State autonomy.

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"...this is a very interesting volume with some excellent chapters and constitutes a welcome addition to the literature in the subject and an important tool for the study and teaching of EU migration law."
-Diego Acosta Arcarazo, University of Bristol
Part I: Identity and EU Citizenship
Identity, Member States Nationality and EU Citizenship
Restitution of Former European Nationals v. Naturalisation of New European Residents? Cristina Gortázar Rotaeche;
The ‘Ethnicisation’ of European Citizenship: An Assessment of the Latest Roma Policy Controversies at EU Levels Sergio Carrera;
Nationality: The Missing Link between Citizenship of the European Union and European Migration Policy Sara Iglesias Sánchez;
Towards a Citizenship of the Association? On the Future of Non-discrimination, Preferential Treatment and the Standstill Clauses in the EU-Turkey Association Regime Annette Schrauwen and Thomas Vandamme;
Privileged Third Country Nationals and their Right to Free Movement and Residence to and in the EU Questions of Status and Competence Paula García Andrade;
Social Integration of Third Country Nationals and Spanish Nationality Law José María Rúiz de Huidobro;
Dealing with Loopholes in National and EU Citizenship: Spanish Nationality in the Case of Western Sahara Alberto Martín Pérez and Francisco Javier Moreno;
Part II: Solidarity and EU Citizenship
Reverse Discrimination, Family Reunification and Union Citizens of Immigrant Origin Kees Groenendijk;
Does European Citizenship Blur the Borders of Solidarity? Elspeth Guild
Directive 2004/38 and Access to Social Assistance Benefits Paul Minderhoud;
Social security coverage of non-active persons moving to another Member State Filip van Overmeiren, Eberhard Eichenhofer and Herwig Verschueren;
Part III: Equality and EU Citizenship
Reverse Discrimination – A Belgian Perspective Valérie Verbist;
Citizenship of Rights and the Principle of the Highest Standard of Fundamental Rights’ Protection: Notes on the Melloni Case Alessandra Aparecida Souza Silveira;
Equality across the Legal Orders or Voiding EU Citizenship of Content Dimitry Kochenov;
The Charter of Fundamental Rights and EU citizenship The Link with EU Law Re-examined Jože Štrus and Nina Peršak;
European Citizenship: Toward Renationalization or Cosmopolitan Europe? Espen E.H. Olsen;
Immigration Without Incorporation:EU Migration Policy in a Post-Citizenship Europe? Peo Hanseni.