Tortricidae, part 1



In Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland, volume 5, Keith P. Bland offers a comprehensive account of the British members of the moth family TORTRICIDAE sensu lato. For ease of handling, it is divided into two Volumes: Part 1, the Tortricinae & Chlidanotinae, and Part 2, the Olethreutinae. Each volume is self-contained and indexed separately.
For each species there is included a full taxonomy, a description of the adult moth, an account of the larval stages and its life history. The up-to-date British distribution for each species is given as maps showing vice-county occurrence, supported with further detail where relevant. Each species is illustrated by means of one or more coloured photographs of mounted specimens, proportionally sized. For all species, the male and female genitalia are depicted by Josef Razowski’s excellent line drawings. Besides an index to the moth species, there is a comprehensive index to larval food substrates.
The original text was formed by the late E.F. (‘Ted’) Hancock and extended and updated by Keith P. Bland. Photographs of the adult moths were done by the latter and line drawings of the genitalia were all done by Josef Razowski.
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Biographical Note

Keith P Bland, Ph.D. (1966) FRES. Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh University Vet. (1969-1994). Curatorial Fellow at National Museums of Scotland (1954-2007). Associate Editor and contributor to MBGBI Vol. 4 (2002) and author of numerous other publications in Physiology and Entomology.
Edward (‘Ted’) F. Hancock (1921 – 2001) was an industrial chemist involved in the manufacture of medical drugs, first as an apprentice with Boots Chemists (1938 to 1941), then after qualifying he joined a group at University of London devising a method for the large scale production of penicillin. Later he put this into practice with Glaxo Laboratories, first at Barnard Castle, then at Ulverston where he continued until his retirement. As a developing amateur entomologist his interest in Microlepidoptera was stimulated by a chance professional meeting in Ulverston with John Heath, the founder of this series, as well as of the Biological Records Centre. He produced the first draft of this volume in spite of being incapacitated by a series of strokes, which finally resulted in his death in February 2001. [see obituary in Ent.Rec. 113, 171-174].
Jósef Razowski is a full professor at the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków. He is an internationally renowned lepidopterist, specializing in the Tortricidae. His extensive studies not only include the whole of the palaearctic region but many parts of the rest of the world as evidenced by his many publications and books.

Review Quotes

"This two-part work is an excellent, comprehensive study of the moths belonging to the three subfamilies of Tortricidae. [...] It will be useful to very serious Lepidoptera enthusiasts, especially from the British Isles and Western Europe. Such a treatise is also a must for specialists and those interested in collating fauna from different regions.[...] Highly recommended"
- J. M. Gonzalez (California State University, Fresno), CHOICE, August 2015.
"[...] these volumes will come to be recognised as the standard work on the Tortricidae in Britain and Ireland [...]"
- Adrian Spalding, Entomologist’s Gazette (2015) Vol. 66, pp. 266-286.

"[…] meritorio trabajo […] [recomiendo] esta obra, no solo a los interesados en esta familia en particular, sino a todos los interesados en los lepidópteros en general, donde esta obra no debería faltar."
([...] meritorious work [...] [I recommend] this work, not only to those interested in this particular family, but to all those interested in lepidoptera in general, where this work should not be missing.)
- A. Vives Moreno, SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterología, 43 (170), junio 2015: 314.

Table of contents

General Introduction and Organization
General Systematic Section
Systematic Checklist of Tortricidae – Tortricinae & Chlidanotinae
Systematic Treatment of Species of Tortricinae
Tribe Tortricini
Tribe Cochylini
Tribe Cnephasiini
Tribe Archipini
Tribe Sparganothini
Systematic Treatment of Species of Chlidanotinae
Tribe Polyorthini
Plates of Adult Moths
Drawings of Male Genitalia
Drawings of Female Genitalia
Index to Larval Food
Index to Moth Species


This comprehensive account will be of great value to both amateur and professional entomologists, and to both beginners and seasoned experts.

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