Tineidae I

(Dryadaulinae, Hapsiferinae, Euplocaminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae and Meessiinae)


This first volume of Tineid Moths from Europe treats 180 species of the subfamilies Dryadaulinae, Hapsiferinae, Euplocaminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae and Meessiinae. For each species a diagnosis, colour photos of the moths and line drawings of male and female genitalia are given for identification. Information is added on the life history and distribution of the species. The distribution data are summarised in a table showing the records for each European country. Seven scientific names are synonymised and one species is transferred to another genus.
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Biographical Note

Reinhard Gaedike, PhD (1970), retired since 2005, previously entomologist at the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Germany. He has published papers of systematics, zoogeography and faunistics of the lepidopteran families Tineidae, Epermeniidae, Acrolepiidae, Douglasiidae, as well as entomological bibliographies.
Matthias Nuss, PhD (2001), entomologist at the Senckenberg Museum of Zoology. His research focusses on Snout Moths (Pyraloidea). He coordinates the Global Information System on Pyraloidea and published articles on the taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, life history and conservation of pyraloids.
Ole Karsholt (1948) is a lepidopterist and collection manager at The Natural History Museum of Denmark. He has edited catalogues and published books and numerous articles of European Lepidoptera.
Marko Mutanen, PhD (2006), entomologist at the Biodiversity Unit, University of Oulu, Finland. He has expertized primarily on molecular taxonomy (incl. DNA barcoding), molecular phylogenetics and morphometrics of Lepidoptera and has published numerous papers in these fields.

Review Quotes

"Esta obra no puede faltar en las bibliotecas de todos aquellos estudiosos de esta interesante familia [Tineidae]."
A. Vives Moreno, SHILAP Revta. lepid., 43 (170), junio 2015: 330.

Table of contents

General remarks
Material and Methods
The body structure of the Tineoidea
Systematics of the Tineoidea and their family groups
Collection and preparation techniques
Key to the European subfamilies of Tineidae
Check-list of European and Macaronesian Dryadaulinae, Hapsiferinae, Euplocaminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae and Meessiinae
Systematic treatment of the genera and species of European Tineidae
Distribution catalogue
Colour plates
Male genitalia illustrations
Female genitalia illustrations
Index to entomological genus-group names
Index to entomological species-group names
Index to plant and other hosts names


All interested in the biodiversity of European moths, and anyone who wants to identify tineid species from all European countries.


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