Issues in International Migration Law

Editor: Richard Plender
This lively collection presents the revised papers resulting from a conference held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen under the auspices of the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance and the Department of European and Economic Law. The conference brought together scholars from a number of countries to examine a series of current issues in international migration law - a topic which continues to be of major importance worldwide. The collection aims to widen horizons in the debate and assist in achieving an understanding of the fact, often forgotten by those who prefer rhetoric to understanding, that migration is a truly global phenomenon. While Europe is at the forefront of population changes and debates on the control and management of migration, there are major issues and crises in many areas across the globe, and various contributions to this volume rightly draw attention to them.
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Biographical Note

Sir Richard Plender, LL.D. is Visiting Professor at the University of Groningen and former High Court Judge (England and Wales).

Table of contents

1 Nationality Law and Immigration Law Richard Plender;
2 Global Migration: Current Trends and Issues Ajay Bailey;
3 Migration for Employment Ryszard Cholewinski;
4 Access to Social Protection for Non-Citizen Migrants: The Position of Irregular Immigrants Gijsbert Vonk;
5 Capricious Games of Snakes and Ladders: The Nexus of Migration and Integration in Light of Human Rights Norms Dora Kostakopoulou;
6 The Admission of Refugees Guy S. Goodwin-Gill;
7 Family Reunifi cation at the Interface of EU Law and the European Convention on Human Rights Adam Weiss;
8 The Right to Leave Any Country Including One’s Own Dimitry Kochenov;
9 Deportation and Expulsion Cliff ord Mailer;
10 Exceptional Duties to Admit Aliens Alessia di Pascale;
11 Free Movement of Persons and Regional International Organisations Sara Iglesias Sánchez;
12 The Asylum Seeker’s Right to Free Legal Assistance and/or Representation in EU Law Elspeth Guild;
Annex I: EU Immigration and Asylum Law; Annex II: EU Immigration and Asylum case-law; Index.

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