Between Biblical Criticism and Poetic Rewriting

Interpretative Struggles over Genesis 32:22-32


Author: Samuel Tongue
In Between Biblical Criticism and Poetic Rewriting, Samuel Tongue offers an account of the aesthetic and critical tensions inherent in the development of the Higher Criticism of the Bible. Different ‘types’ of Bible are created through the intellectual and literary pressures of Enlightenment and Romanticism and, as Tongue suggests, it is this legacy that continues to orientate the approaches deemed legitimate in biblical scholarship.

Using a number of ancient and contemporary critical and poetic rewritings of Jacob’s struggle with the ‘angel’ (Gen 32:22-32), Tongue makes use of postmodern theories of textual production to argue that it is the ‘paragesis’, a parasitical form of writing between disciplines, that best foregrounds the complex performativity of biblical interpretation.

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Samuel Tongue, Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow University, is Affiliate Teacher and Researcher at the University of Glasgow. He has published articles and co-edited volumes, on reception history, biblical masculinities, and poetics.
All readers interested in the theory and practice of Reception History of the Bible and anyone who has an interest in poetry as a viable postmodern hermeneutic.