The Genitive Case in Dutch and German

A Study of Morphosyntactic Change in Codified Languages


In The Genitive Case in Dutch and German: A Study of Morphosyntactic Change in Codified Languages, Alan K. Scott offers an account of the tension that exists between morphosyntactic change and codification, focusing on the effect that codification has had on the genitive case and alternative constructions in both languages. On the basis of usage data from a wide variety of registers, from the 16th century to the present day, Alan K. Scott demonstrates that codification has preserved obsolescent morphological genitive constructions in Dutch and German while suppressing their potential replacements, and shows that, despite its association with norm-conformant language, the genitive is used to a surprisingly large extent in informal early modern Dutch and modern German sources.

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Alan K. Scott, Ph.D. (2006), University of Manchester, is Lecturer in German at the University of Nottingham. He has published articles about morphology and syntax throughout the Germanic languages.
Researchers interested in morphosyntactic change, standardisation, and the relationship between them; researchers interested in the history of the Germanic languages; researchers interested in the expression of possession cross-linguistically; academic libraries.