Sikh Diaspora

Theory, Agency, and Experience


Volume Editor: Michael Hawley
Sikh Diaspora: Theory, Agency, and Experience is a collection of essays offering new insights into the diverse experiences of Sikhs beyond the Punjab. Moving beyond migration history and global in their scope, the essays in this volume draw from a range of methodological approaches to engage with diaspora theory, agency, space, social relations, and aesthetics. Rich in substantive content, these essays offer critical reflections on the concept of diaspora, and insight into key features of Sikh experience including memory, citizenship, political engagement, architecture, multiculturalism, gender, literature, oral history, kirtan, economics, and marriage.

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Michael Hawley is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Mount Royal University and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary. He is co-editor, with Pashaura Singh, of Re-imagining South Asian Religions (Brill 2013). His work on S. Radhakrishnan, M.K. Gandhi, and on Sikhism has appeared in edited volumes, academic journals, and encyclopaedias.

Contributors include: Himadri Banerjee, Geetanjali Singh Chanda, Ka-Kin Cheuk, Harjinder Singh Lallie, Kanwal Mand, Sudesh Mishra, Nicola Mooney, Kristina Myrvold, Kamala Elizabeth Nayar, Navtej Purewal, Anjali Gera Roy, Jaideep Singh, Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh, Simran Jeet Singh, Valerie Stoker, Shinder Thandi.
All interested in Sikh diaspora, anyone concerned with the construction of Sikh identity and experience beyond the Punjab, and those interested in cross-cultural encounter.