God, Grace, and Righteousness in Wisdom of Solomon and Paul's Letter to the Romans

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In God, Grace, and Righteousness in Wisdom of Solomon and Paul's Letter to the Romans, Jonathan A. Linebaugh places the Wisdom of Solomon and the Letter to the Romans in conversation. Both texts discuss the relationship of Jew and Gentile, the meaning of God's grace and righteousness, and offer readings of Israel's scripture. These shared themes provide talking-points, initiating a dialogue on anthropology, soteriology, and hermeneutics. By listening in on this conversation, Linebaugh demonstrates that while these texts have much in common, the theologies they articulate are ultimately incommensurable because they think from different events - Wisdom from the pre-creational order crafted by Sophia and exemplified in the Exodus; Paul from the incongruous gift of Christ which justifies the ungodly.
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Biographical Note

Jonathan A. Linebaugh, Ph.D. (2011), Durham University, is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary. His published articles include studies of early Jewish and Pauline texts as well as the reception history of Paul's letters. He is co-editor of Reformation Readings of Paul (IVP Academic, forthcoming).

Review Quote

"a deeply illuminating comparison of the theologies and hermeneutical practices of the two texts, highlighting especially their respective notions of divine justice, gift giving, and scriptural interpretation. [...] The depth and coverage of this book is impressive. It should be read widely by scholars interested in Paul and Judaism." – John K. Goodrich, Moody Bible Institute, in: Religious Studies Review 41/2 (June 2015)

Table of contents

1. A Contextual Conversation
Part I: Wisdom of Solomon
2. Reading the World Rationally from End to Beginning: Wisdom 1-6
3. Wisdom’s Place in Wisdom’s Theology: 6.1-10.21
4. ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’: History and the Divine Economy in Wisdom 10.15-19.22
5. A Rational Reading, in Retrospect
Part II: Wisdom and Romans in Conversation
6. Announcing the Human: Israel Against and As the Ungodly in Wisdom 13-15 and Romans 1.18-2.11
7. Soteriological Semantics: Righteousness and Grace in Wisdom and Romans
8. With the Grain of the Universe: History and Hermeneutics in Wisdom 10-19 and Romans 9-11
9. Concluding the Conversation


Those interested in early Jewish and Pauline theology, and those working in Bible Studies and theology more generally