The Qumran Manuscripts of Lamentations

A Text-Critical Study


In The Qumran Manuscripts of Lamentations: A Text-Critical Study, the first large-scale investigation of the topic, Gideon Kotzé establishes how the four Lamentations manuscripts from Qumran present the content of the biblical book. Kotzé takes as his point of departure the contributions of the Dead Sea scrolls to the discipline of Old Testament textual criticism and treats the Qumran manuscripts of Lamentations, the Masoretic text and the ancient translations as witnesses to the content of the book and not only as witnesses to earlier forms of its Hebrew text. By focusing the analysis on variant readings and textual difficulties, the study arrives at a better understanding of these manuscripts as representatives of both the text and the content of Lamentations.
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Biographical Note

Gideon R. Kotzé, D.Th. (2011), University of Stellenbosch, is Part-time Lecturer at the Department of Ancient Studies of the same university. He has published articles on the Hebrew textual representatives of Lamentations, the Septuagint and textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible.


Scholars and students interested in the Hebrew textual representatives of Lamentations, its ancient translations, the Qumran manuscripts of biblical books and/or textual criticism in general.