A Dictionary of the Kedang Language



A Dictionary of the Kedang Language presents the first extensive published record of an Austronesian language on the remote Eastern Indonesian island of Lembata. A special interest of the dictionary resides in the fact that Kedang lies on the boundary line between Austronesian and Papuan languages in Eastern Indonesia. The Kedang entries are translated first into Indonesian and then into English. For ease of access, finder lists are provided in Indonesian and in English. The Introduction situates the language linguistically and sketches the phonology and morphology, as well as the 'pairing' (dyadic sets) in ritual and everyday usage of items of vocabulary characteristic of Kedang.

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Biographical Note

U.B. Samely, Dr. phil. (1990), Frankfurt University, is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has published Kedang (Eastern Indonesia) - Some Aspects of its Grammar (Buske, 1991).
R.H. Barnes is retired Professor of Social Anthropology, Unversity of Oxford, and Emeritus Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford. He has published books and many articles on Indonesian and American Indian topics.


Linguists, anthropologists and scholars interested in Austronesian languages and their relationship to other language families.