Harbinger of Modernity

Marcos Aguinis and the Democratization of Argentina


Author: Dalia Wassner
In Harbinger of Modernity: Marcos Aguinis and the Democratization of Argentina, Dalia Wassner presents an integrated analysis of the civic work and literary oeuvre of Marcos Aguinis, who served as Secretary of Culture during Argentina’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. Situating his writings in their historical and intellectual context, Wassner explores Aguinis’s engagement with the dialectic of modernization as a Jewish public intellectual equally dedicated to fostering Argentine democracy and to inscribing himself in the annals of westernization. Encompassing intellectual history, literary criticism, Latin American history, and Jewish studies, Wassner’s work illuminates the intersecting roles of Jews and public intellectuals in bringing democracy to post-dictatorship Argentina.

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Dalia Wassner, Ph.D. (2012), Northeastern University, is a Research Associate at the Hadassah Brandeis Institute. She has published articles, reviews, and translations about modern Jewry and Latin American culture, and has taught at Northeastern University, Emerson College, and Lesley University.
Chapter 1. The Historical and Literary Context of the Argentine Public Intellectual
Chapter 2. Aguinis and Alfonsín: Public Intellectuals and the Argentine Government
Chapter 3. Aguinis and the Essay: The Argentine Erasmus?
Chapter 4. Dialogue: Leading by Example
Chapter 5. Jews and the Novel: Aguinis’s Means to an End
Appendix 1: Literary Works by Marcos Aguinis
Appendix 2: Newspaper Articles by Marcos Aguinis
Appendix 3: Scholarship on Marcos Aguinis
All interested in Jewish and Latin American studies, public intellectual history especially in a post-Habermas global context, and those interested in Marcos Aguinis's civic and literary works.