Integration in Rome and in the Roman World

Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Lille, June 23-25, 2011)


Integration in the empire under the political control of the city of Rome, her princeps, and the different authorities in the provinces and cities includes processes of inclusion and exclusion. These multifaceted processes take place at various levels in society and at different places, over a long period of time. In this volume, these processes are analysed and reflected on from different perspectives. Juridical, political, social and religious points of view are articulated, elaborating on epigraphic, literary, juridical and numismatic evidence. Notions of personal and collective identities have been linked to relevant Roman realia, so that various contents of Romanitas can be defined through contextualization.
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Stéphane Benoist, D.Phil (1992, Paris-Sorbonne) and Habilitation (2001, Panthéon-Sorbonne), is Professor of Roman History at the University Lille-Nord de France. He has published on imperial power, political discourses and conception of memory, festival and ceremonies in the city of Rome.

Gerda de Kleijn, Ph.D. (2001), Radboud University Nijmegen, teaches ancient history at that university. She has published on the water supply and topography of the city of Rome and on leadership.

Contributors: Anthony Álvarez Melero, Clifford Ando, Stéphane Benoist, Lukas de Blois, Hannah M. Cotton, Anne Daguet-Gagey, Ségolène Demougin, Gerda de Kleijn, Monique Dondin-Payre, Werner Eck, Emily A. Hemelrijk, Egbert Koops, Wolf Liebeschuetz, Frederick G. Naerebout, Salvo Randazzo, Günther Schörner, Laurens Tacoma, Wouter Vanacker.
Stéphane Benoist & Gerda de Kleijn

List of Contributors

Ségolène Demougin

Pluralisme juridique et intégration de l’empire
Clifford Ando

Gli equilibri della cittadinanza romana, fra sovranità e impatto sociale
Salvo Randazzo

The evolution of the so-called provincial law, or: Cicero’s letters of recommendation and private international law in the Roman world
Hannah M. Cotton

Claude de Lyon, Ancus Marcius et l’âge royal : d’une intégration l’autre
Anne Daguet-Gagey

Das Leben römisch Gestalten. Ein Stadtgesetz für das municipium troesmis aus den Jahren 177-180 n. chr.
Werner Eck

Goths and Romans in the leges visigothorum
J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz

Masters and freedmen: Junian latins and the struggle for citizenship
Egbert Koops

Migrant quarters at Rome?
Laurens Tacoma

Roman citizenship and the integration of women in the local towns of the Latin west
Emily A. Hemelrijk

Du foyer au forum. La place des matrones équestres dans les activités économiques
Anthony Álvarez Melero

Integration or disintegration? The Roman army in the third century A.D.
Lukas de Blois

Differentiated integration trajectories of the nomadic population in Roman North Africa (1st-3rd cent. A.D.)
Wouter Vanacker

Wie integriert man Rom in die polis? Der Kult des Senats in Kleinasien
Günther Schörner

Les marques civiques sur briques et tuiles, témoins de l’intégration des cités dans le monde romain
Monique Dondin-Payre

Convergence and divergence: one empire, many cultures
Frederick G. Naerebout

Scholars and students interested in Roman history, from the Republic to the Late Antiquity; historians, classicists, philologists, as well as philosophers and specialists on Social history, History of Religions and Cultural Studies.