Cross-cultural Studies: China and the World

A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Zhang Longxi


Editor: Suoqiao QIAN
Cross-cultural Studies: China and the World, A Festschrift in Honor of Professor Zhang Longxi collects twelve essays by eminent scholars across several disciplines in Chinese and cross-cultural studies to celebrate Zhang Longxi’s scholarly achievements. As a leading scholar from post-Cultural Revolution China, Zhang Longxi’s academic career has set a milestone in cross-cultural studies between China and the world. With an introduction by Qian Suoqiao, and a prologue by Zhang Longxi himself, the volume features masterly essays by Ronald Egan, Torbjörn Lodén, Haun Saussy, Lothar von Falkenhausen, and Hwa Yol Jung among others, which will make significant contributions to Sinological and cross-cultural studies of themselves on the one hand, and demonstrate Zhang Longxi’s friendships and scholarly impact on the other.

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Qian Suoqiao, Ph.D. (1996), University of California, Berkeley, is Professor (Chair) of Chinese Studies at Newcastle University, UK. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on Chinese and cross-cultural studies, including Liberal Cosmopolitan: Lin Yutang and Middling Chinese Modernity (Brill, 2011).
Series Editors' Foreword

Qian Zhongshu, Zhang Longxi and Modern Chinese Scholarship
Qian Suoqiao

Looking Backwards at Worlds Apart
Zhang Longxi

Part I. Sinological Studies: China and Her “Others” in History

Chapter 1
A Han Official Serves the Jurchen: Zhao Bingwen’s Poetic Reflections on Rival States and Cultures
Ronald Egan

Chapter 2
Dwelling in the Texts: Toward an Ethnopoetics of Zhu Xi and Daoxue
Lionel M Jensen

Chapter 3
Some Thoughts on Writing the History of Chinese Thought
Torbjörn Lodén

Chapter 4
China and Japan: Dichotomies and Diglossia in Japanese Literary History
Gunilla Lindberg-Wada

Part II. Comparative Cultural Studies: East and West

Chapter 5
Antiquarianism in China and Europe: Reflections on Momigliano
Lothar von Falkenhausen

Chapter 6
Cosmology, Divination and Semiotics: Chinese and Greek
Lisa Raphals

Chapter 7
Matteo Ricci the Daoist
Haun Saussy

Chapter 8
“That roar which lies on the other side of silence”: Comparing Hong Lou Meng, Middlemarch, and Other Masterpieces of Western Narrative
Donald Stone

Part III. Cultural Theory: China and the World

Chapter 9
Zhang Longxi’s Contribution to World Literature in the Globalizing World of Multiculturalism: A Tribute
Hwa Yol Jung

Chapter 10
To Honor the Language of Truth: Reflections on Nietzsche, Bialik, Chen Yinke and Zhang Longxi
Vera Schwarcz

Chapter 11
Mao’s China Abroad, and Its Homecoming: A Comedy of Cross-Culturing in Two Acts
Guo Jian

Chapter 12
Memory, Rhizome and Postmodern Sensitivity: Wong Kar-wai and Brazilian Films
Denize Araujo

The Saintly and the Suborned
Timothy Mo

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All interested in Chinese and cross-cultural studies, including traditional sinological studies and studies in cultural theory involving China and the world, across several disciplines: comparative literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, film studies, cultural studies.