The Transformation of Intergovernmental Satellite Organisations

Policy and Legal Perspectives


The Transformation of Intergovernmental Satellite Organisations: Policy and Legal Perspectives offers a multifaceted analysis of the complex policy and legal issues associated with the privatisation or restructuring of the world’s preeminent intergovernmental satellite organisations, INTELSAT, INMARSAT and EUTELSAT. Maury Mechanick, Christian Roisse, and David Sagar, each of whom were directly involved in these undertakings, provide a unique perspective on the critical issues involved, while Frans von der Dunk and Patricia McCormick offer a broader contextual assessment of their significance. The contributors’ insights regarding the restructuring of these satellite organisations and the intergovernmental organisations which oversee public services represent valuable reflections on those developments, as well as on changes occurring following privatisation regarding those entities’ ownership profiles and service provisions.

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Biographical Note
Patricia K. McCormick, Ph.D. (1995), is Associate Professor of Communication at Wayne State University. Her research, which examines telecommunications and space policy issues, has been published in Telecommunications Policy, Gazette International Journal for Communications Studies, and Science and Public Policy.

Maury Mechanick, JD (1976), is Counsel at White & Case LLP. While a senior executive at COMSAT Corporation, he served as the U.S. Governor to INTELSAT and as Chairman of the INTELSAT Board of Governors at the time of privatisation.
Table of contents
Chapter I - Neo-Liberalism: A Contextual Framework for Assessing the Privatisation of Intergovernmental Satellite Organisations
Patricia McCormick;
Chapter II - Inmarsat: In the Forefront of Mobile Satellite Communications
David Sagar and Patricia McCormick;
Chapter III - Intelsat: Pre and Post-Private Equity Ownership
Patricia McCormick;
Chapter IV - The Evolution of Eutelsat: A Challenge Successfully Met
Christian Roisse;
Chapter V - The Role and Function of Residual International Intergovernmental Satellite Organisations Following Privatisation
Maury J. Mechanick;
Chapter VI - Crossing a Rubycon? The International Legal Framework for ISOs – Before and After Privatisation
F.G. von der Dunk;
Notes on Contributors; Index.
This book is designed for those concerned with space law and policy issues. It will appeal to practitioners and students interested in law, history, international organisations and satellite industry.
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