The Anxieties of a Citizen Class

The Miracles of the True Cross of San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice 1370-1480


Author: Kiril Petkov
In The Anxieties of a Citizen Class: The Miracles of the True Cross of San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice 1370-1480 Kiril Petkov identifies the socio-psychological preoccupations accompanying the formation of the leading commoner group of early Renaissance Venice, the cittadini originarii, as revealed in a cycle of miracles performed by a fragment of the True Cross owned by the brotherhood of San Giovanni Evangelista. The study’s principal contention is that the miracles trace the evolution of the citizen elite from members of a large, fluid group of men of affairs to community managers to state servants. Each miracle highlights a stage of that process and the social anxieties engendered in the acquisition of a specific social identity.

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Kiril Petkov, Ph.D. (2002, New York University), is Professor of Mediterranean History at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA. He has published on medieval ritual, medieval perceptions of otherness, and cross-cultural encounters in the medieval Mediterranean.
Acknowledgements ... vii
Introduction .... 1

1 Setting the Stage: The Privilege of the Donation of the Cross .... 15
2 Upward Bound: The Vendramin and the Miracle of the True Cross at the Bridge of San Lorenzo .... 27
3 Relics, Business, and Nature: The Miracle with Andrea V endramin’s Oil Ships .... 47
4 Church, State, and Sainthood: Francesco Querini and the Miracle with the Demoniac ... 67
5 Drawing a Line between Citizen Classes: Regimenting the popolani in the Miracle at the Bridge of San Lio ... 89
6 Healing the Sick, Helping the Poor: Service and Identity in the Miracle of the Daughter of Nicolo di Benvegnudo .... 105
7 The Miracle of Paolo Rabia: The Rise and Fall of Entrepreneurial Leadership ..... 123
8 The Merchant of Brescia: Incorporating the terraferma in the Miracle of the Son of Giacomo de Salis ..... 151
9 The Body Feverish and the Body Politic: Medicine, Politics, and Religion in the Healing of Piero de Lodovico .... 177
10 Maritime Empire, Mobility, and Cross-cultural Identity: The Miracle of Antonio Rizzo ..... 205
11 The Miracle of Alvise Finetti’s Boy: Finance, the State, and the Future of the cittadini originarii ... 235

Conclusion Method, At Last .... 251

Appendix Incunabulum 249bis (ex. 222), Museo Civico Correr, Venice, ca. 1490 ... 261
Bibliography .... 269
Historians, art historians, religious historians, urban historians of Renaissance Europe, scholars of Mediterranean history, all those interested in European late Medieval and Renaissance history; graduate & undergraduate students in the above fields.