Judah Moscato Sermons

Edition and Translation, Volume Three


Judah ben Joseph Moscato (c.1533–1590) was one of the most distinguished rabbis, authors, and preachers of the Italian-Jewish Renaissance. The book Sefer Nefuṣot Yehudah belongs to the very centre of his important homiletic and philosophical oeuvre. Composed in Mantua and published in Venice in 1589, the collection of 52 sermons addresses the subject of the Jewish festivals, focussing on philosophy, mysticism, sciences and rites. This and subsequent volumes will provide a critical edition of the original Hebrew text, accompanied by an English translation.
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Biographical Note

Gianfranco Miletto is university private lecturer (“Privatdozent”) at the University of Halle-Wittenberg. He has published on Biblical Philology and on the Jewish culture in Italy at the time of the Renaissance and Counter-Reformation: L’ Antico Testamento Ebraico nella tradizione babilonese (1992); Die Heldenschilde des Abraham ben David Portaleone, 2 vols. (2003); Glauben und Wissen im Zeitalter der Reformation (2004), and Judah Moscato Sermons: Edition and Translation, Volume One (2011) and Volume Two (2012).

Giuseppe Veltri, is professor for Jewish Studies at the University of Halle-Wittenberg and honorary Professor for History of Religions at the University of Leipzig. He has published numerous monographs and articles including: Scritti politici e filosofici di Simone Luzzatto (2013), Language of Conformity & Dissent (2013), Renaissance Philosophy in Jewish Garb (2009), and Libraries, Translations, and ‘Canonic’ Texts (2006).

Table of contents

Summaries of the Sermons
Sermon Thirty: To Love and to Fear: For Shemini ‘Aṣeret
Sermon Thirty-One: For Shemini ‘Aṣeret Divine Compasses
Sermon Thirty-Two: The Crown of a Good Name Excels
Sermon Thirty-Three: A Wondrous Descent
Sermon Thirty-Four: The Beauty of Man
Sermon Thirty-Five: Shadow of the Almighty
Sermon Thirty-Six: He Who Putteth His Trust in the Lord Shall be set up on High
Sermon Thirty-Seven: The Commandment is a Lamp, and the Teaching (Torah) is Light
Sermon Thirty-Eight: The Place where Penitents Stand: For Yom Kippur
Sermon Thirty-Nine: The Mercy of the Lord in Accepting Penitents
Sermon Forty: An Ordinance of the God of Jacob: For Rosh ha-Shanah
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All those interested in intellectual history, the history of Jewish philosophy, homiletics, philologists, theologians, specialist of Hebraic and Italian Culture


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