Catalog of Judeo-Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America


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The intellectual legacy of the ancient community of Iranian Jews rests in several large but neglected Judeo-Persian manuscript collections. The largest in the West, and the third largest collection in the world (198 manuscripts), belongs to the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York. Primarily a work of reference, this Catalog informs scholars in the fields of Judaica and Iranica about the range of subjects (history, poetry, medicine, philology, etc.) that engaged Iranian Jews between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. It reflects the intellectual parameters of Iranian Jewry by describing the extent to which they were acquainted with classical Jewish texts while they were deeply enmeshed in the literary and artistic sensibilities of their Iranian environment.

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Vera Basch Moreen, Ph.D. (1978), Harvard University, is an Independent Scholars who has taught Islam and Judaism Islam at several colleges. She specializes in the history and culture of Jews in the Muslim world, primarily Iran. In Queen Esther’s Garden: An Anthology of Judeo-Persian Literature (New Haven, 2000) is among her many publications.
Table of Transliteration
I. Accounts
II. Dīwān
III. Epics
IV. Folklore and magic
V. History
VI. Liturgy
VII. Medicine
IX. Miscellany
X. Philology
XI. Philosophy
XII. Religious texts
XII. Tales
Appendix I
1. Index of MSS with dates and/or colophons
2. Index of names
3. Index of titles and principal headings
4. Index of incipits and first words of lyrical poetry
All scholars, students, and laymen interested in Jewish, Muslim, and Jews in the Muslim world (history, literature and general culture).