From Lowlands to High Skies: A Multilevel Jurisdictional Approach Towards Air law

Essays in Honour of John Balfour

This volume brings together a fascinating collection of essays on air law, approached from national, European and international perspectives. These perspectives often interact, always interestingly, but not necessarily harmoniously, a theme which forms a Leitmotiv in the writings, reports and pleadings of John Balfour, to whom the volume is dedicated. Written by a diverse group of experts in the field of air law, the collection is divided into three parts: Public Air Law, EU Air Law and Private Air Law.
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Table of contents

Preface; Sovereignty in the Sky Lauren Payne; About John Balfour; Curriculum Vitae; List of Abbreviations;
Part A Public Air Law
1 A Substantive and Procedural Critique of the U.S. Open Skies Policy Brian F. Havel;
2 New Rules on Concordato Preventivo (Composition with Creditors) in Italian Law and their Repercussions on Aviation Claims Anna Masutti;
3 The Technical Defragmentation of Air Navigation Services – The Legal Challenges of Virtualisation Francis Schubert;
4 Taxes and Charges under the Chicago Convention Mark Bisset;
5 Aircraft Registration: Challenges under German Law P. Nikolai Ehlers;
6 Article 83bis (Revisited):Transfer of Safety Oversight Responsibilities Seen from a European Regulator’s Perspective Frank Manuhutu;
7 How to Sell Tickets – IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC): A New Model? Mia Wouters;
Part B EU Air Law
1 Regulatory Air Transport Developments in the European Union Peter Haanappel;
2 Regulation 261/2004 – Passengers’ Right to Compensation in Case of Flight Delay. Looking for a Fair Balance of Interests. The Role of the Court of Justice of the EU and the Risk to Waste a Chance for Reform Laura Pierallini;
3 Locked Out of Heaven: The Air Greenland Case and Extraordinary Circumstances Morten Lundqvist Jakobsen and Jacob Skude Rasmussen;
4 Cooperative Agreements in the Aviation Sector and EU Competition Law Philippe Ruttley and Solange Leandro;
5 Disproportionate Jurisprudence: The CJEU’s Approach to Proportionality in Regulation 261/2004 Alan Meneghetti and Thomas van der Wijngaart;
6 Portugal and the New Age of Discovery – Navigating the New World of Sale, Acquisition and Privatization via the Waters of Competition Geoffrey Graham;
7 John Balfour’s Contribution to IATA Leadership in the Airline Industry Lorne Clark;
Part C Private Air Law
1 International and National Aviation Rules Versus Consumer Protection Regulations: A Comparative Report on the Position of Latin American Countries in Relation to EU Regulation 261/2004 Elizabeth Freidenberg;
2 Aerial Conflicts of Law: An Analysis of Conflicts of Law Rules as Applied to Aircraft Berend Crans;
3 Scratching Beneath the Surface: The Unlawful Interference Convention 2009 Michael Gill;
4 Climbing Every Mountain: A History of Change, Transition and the Rise of Consumerism
in the Airline Industry Viewed from the Insurance Perspective Philip Chrystal;
5 Jurisdiction under and Exclusivity of Private International Air Law Agreements on Air Carrier Liability: The Case of Airbus versus Armavia Airlines (2013) Pablo Mendes de Leon;
6 The Malaise Affecting the Global Uniform Effectiveness of the Montreal Convention, 1999 (MC99) George N. Tompkins Jr. .


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