Studies on the Text of the New Testament and Early Christianity

Essays in Honour of Michael W. Holmes


The collection of essays focuses on the twin areas of research undertaken by Prof. Michael W. Holmes. These are the sub-disciplines of textual criticism and the study of the Apostolic Fathers. The first part of the volume on textual criticism focuses on issues of method, the praxis of editing and collating texts, and discussions pertaining to individual variants. The second part of the volume assembles essays on the Apostolic Fathers. There is a particular focus on the person and writings of Polycarp, since this is the area of research where Prof. Holmes has worked most intensively.
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Biographical Note

Daniel M. Gurtner, Ph.D. (2005) University of St Andrews, is Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary (St Paul, Minnesota). He has published a number of works on the Gospels and Second Temple Judaism, including Second Baruch: A Critical Edition of the Syriac Text (T&T Clark, 2009).

Juan Hernández Jr., Ph.D. (2006) Emory University, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. He has published the award-winning Scribal Habits and Theological Influences in the Apocalypse (Mohr Siebeck), as well as numerous articles on the textual criticism of the gospels, modern critical editions, scribal habits, the Apocalypse’s textual history and Andrew of Caesarea’s early Byzantine commentary.

Paul Foster, D.Phil. (2004) Oxford, is Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Edinburgh. He has published several monographs, edited volumes and articles on the gospels, synoptic problem, non-canonical gospels and Apostolic Fathers, including The Gospel of Peter: Introduction, Critical Edition and Commentary (Brill, 2010).

Table of contents

Foreword: Bart D. Ehrman

Introduction: Daniel M. Gurtner, Juan Hernández Jr., Paul Foster

Part 1 - Text Criticism:
1. Eldon Jay Epp, “The Late Constantin Tischendorf and Codex Sinaiticus: New Testament Textual Criticism without Them–An Exercise in Erasure History.”
2. J. K. Elliott, “Patristic Evidence in the Apparatus Criticus of a Greek New Testament.”
3. Juan Hernández Jr. “Nestle-Aland 28 and the Revision of the Apocalypse’s Textual History.”
4. Jean-François Racine, “The Edition of the Greek New Testament: A Plea and a Challenge.”
5. Amy S. Anderson, “Codex 2193 and Family 1 in Mark.”
6. Daniel M. Gurtner, “Water and Blood and Matthew 27:49: A Johannine Reading in the Matthean Passion Narrative?”
7. Christina M. Kreinecker, “Of Fish and Men: Comparative, Text-Critical and Papyrological Remarks on Matt. 13:47–50 and the GTh 8.”
8. Daniel B. Wallace, “The Son’s Ignorance in Matthew 24.36: An Exercise in Textual and Redaction Criticism.”
9. Larry W. Hurtado, “A Fresh Analysis of P.Oxyrhynchus 1228 (P22) as Artifact.”
10. Chuck E. Hill, “Rightly Dividing the Word: Uncovering an Early Template for Textual Division in John’s Gospel.”
11. Roderic L. Mullen, “Asterius ‘the Sophist’ of Cappadocia: Citations from the Gospel of John as attested in the Theological Fragments.”
12. James R. Royse, “A Text-Critical Examination of the Johannine Variation.”
13. David C. Parker, Klaus Wachtel, Bruce Morrill and Ulrich Schmid, “The Selection of Greek Manuscripts to be Included in the International Greek New Testament Project’s Edition of John in the Editio Critica Maior.”
14. H.A.G. Houghton, “A Longer Text of Paul: Romans to Galatians in Codex Wernigerodensis (VL 58).”
15. Tommy Wasserman, “A Short Textual Commentary on Galatians.”
16. Christopher M. Tuckett, “The Text of Galatians 4:25a.”
17. Dirk Jongkind, “On the Marcionite Prologues to the Letters of Paul.”

Part 2 - Early Christianity:
18. Paul Foster, “Polycarp in the Writings of Ignatius.”
19. Paul Hartog, “The Devil’s in the Details: The Apocalyptic ‘Adversary’ in the Martyrdom of Polycarp and the Martyrs of Lyons.”
20. James Carleton Paget, “The Old Testament in the Apostolic Fathers.”
21. Peter M. Head, “‘Witnesses between you and us’: The Role of the Letter-Carriers in 1 Clement.”
22. Clayton N. Jefford, “Defining Exceptions in the Didache.”
23. Harry O. Maier, “Space, Body, and Church in Ignatius of Antioch: Toward a Spatial Treatment.”
24. Tobias Nicklas, “Living as a ‘Christian’: Christian Ethos According to the Writings of Ignatius of Antioch.”
25. Wilhelm Pratscher, “Scripture and Christology in the Preaching of Peter (Kerygma Petri).”
26. Joseph Verheyden, “On ‘Rotten Stones’ and a Couple of Other Marginalia in the Shepherd of Hermas.”
27. Holger Strutwolf, “Anima naturaliter Christiana – Beobachtungen zum philosophischen und theologischen Hintergrund der Seelenlehre Tertullians.”


Scholars of the New Testament and Patristics, especially those concerned with New Testament textual criticism and second century Christianity.


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