The Yearbook of Polar Law Volume 5, 2013

The Yearbook of Polar Law, is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law at the University of Akureyri in Iceland and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (Arctic Centre/University of Lapland) in Finland and covers a wide variety of topics relating to the Arctic and the Antarctic. These include:
- human rights issues, such as autonomy and self-government vs. self-determination, the rights of indigenous peoples to land and natural resources and cultural rights and cultural heritage, indigenous traditional knowledge,
- local, national, regional and international governance issues,
- environmental law, climate change, security and environment implications of climate change, protected areas and species,
- regulatory, governance and management agreements and arrangements for marine environments, marine mammals, fisheries conservation and other biological/mineral/oil resources,
- law of the sea, the retreating sea ice, continental shelf claims,
- territorial claims and border disputes on both land and at sea,
- peace and security, dispute settlement,
- jurisdictional and other issues re the exploration, exploitation and shipping of oil, gas and minerals, bio prospecting,
- trade law, potential shipping lines through the northwest and northeast passages, maritime law and transportation law, and
- the roles and actual involvement of international organizations in the Polar Regions, such as the Arctic Council, the Antarctic Treaty System, the European Union, the International Whaling Commission, the Nordic Council, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the United Nations, as well as NGOs.

This is the fifth volume of The Yearbook of Polar Law. Its contents is derived from the presentations made at the Fifth Symposium on Polar Law that was held in Rovaniemi, Finland, in September 2012.

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Editorial Note, Gudmundur Alfredsson, Timo Koivurova and Adam Stepien Articles: Cooperation and Geopolitics in the North Changing the Arctic Paradigm from Cold War to Cooperation: How Canada’s Indigenous Leaders Shaped the Arctic Council, Thomas S. Axworthy and Ryan Dean Northern Europe and the Arctic Agenda: Roles of Nordic and Other Sub-regional Organizations, Alyson J. K. Bailes and Kristmundur Th. Ólafsson Iceland: A Small Arctic State Facing Big Arctic Changes, Margret Cela Arctic Security – Global Dimensions and Challenges, and National Policy Responses, Lassi Heininen Multilevel Governance of Change in the Polar Regions Uranium Mining in Nunavut, Katja Göcke Climate Change Turn in the Regional Development Strategies of an Arctic Region, Case Finnish Lapland, Ilona Mettiäinen Breaking the Wall of Monocentric Governance: Polycentricity in the Governance of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Arctic, Tahnee Lisa Prior The Polar Regions and the Development of International Law: Contemporary Reflections and Twenty-First Century Challenges, Donald R. Rothwell Arctic Maritime Transport The Shape of Things to Come: The Russian Federation and the Northern Sea Route in 2011, Erik Franckx An International Polar Code of Navigation: Consequences and Opportunities for the Arctic, Andrea Scassola The Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement: Text, Framing and Logics, Corine Wood-Donnelly Impact Assessments in the Arctic Environmental Assessment in Russian Law: Can It Promote Sustainable Development in the Russian Arctic?, Inna A. Ignatieva Evaluating Espoo: To What Extent does the Espoo Convention Protect the Arctic Marine Environment?, Rachael Lorna Johnstone Social Impact Assessment, Including Impact Assessments in Relation to Mineral Extraction in Greenland, Thomas Trier Hansen and Bent Ole Gram Mortensen Sealing and Whaling The Impact of the Ban on Seal Products on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: A European Issue, Dorothée Cambou The Neglected Tradition? – The Genesis of the EU Seal Products Trade Ban and Commercial Sealing, Nikolas Sellheim The International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling and International Whaling Commission – Conservation or Preservation – Can the Gordian Knot Be Cut (or Untangled)?, Malgosia Fitzmaurice Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples Securing the Rights: A Human Security Perspective in the Context of Arctic Indigenous Peoples, Kamrul Hossain Language Rights for Indigenous Peoples: The Case of the Russian Federation, Elena Knyazeva Revitalisation of Ainu Culture and Protection of their Right to Culture: Learning from Norwegian Sami Experiences, Hiroshi Maruyama Human Rights of Non-indigenous Arctic Inhabitants Impact of Climate Change on Elderly People in the Arctic, with Special Focus on the European High North: A Human Rights Perspective, Shahnaj Begum Implementation of the EU Immigration Policy in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region: Towards a Framework for Policy Analysis, Nafisa Yeasmin Perspectives (non-peer-reviewed papers) Problems of the Legal Bases of Environmental Safety of the Arctic, Alexandra Ivanova ‘Himadri’and the Global Politics of Melting Ice: India’s Arctic Presence and the March Towards Global Governance, Anuradha Nayak The Status of Unrecognized Indigenous Communities and Rural Old-Residents of the Russian Arctic, Maxim Zadorin Recent Developments in Polar Law Polar Law Textbook II – 2013, Natalia Loukacheva Book Reviews: Book Review: Human Rights and the Environment: Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Perspectives By Linda Hajjar Leib, Queen Mary Studies in International Law Vol. 3, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, Boston 2011, pp. 182. ISBN9789040188658, by Leena Heinämäki Book Review: Steve Vanderheiden (Ed.) The Politics of Energy: Challenges for a Sustainable Future. Routledge, London and New York: 2012, VIII + 165 pp., hardback, ISBN13: 978-0-415-52307-3; by Michael Laiho Book Review: Il regime giuridico dell’Artico: una nuova frontiera per il diritto internazionale (Eng. The Legal Regime of the Arctic: A New Frontier for International Law) by Fiammetta Borgia, Studi e documenti di diritto internazionale e comunitario 59, Editoriale Scientifica (2012), 590 pp. ISBN 978-88-6342-370-9; by Andrea Scassola Book Review: Statuksettomat saamelaiset Paikantumisia saamelaisuuden rajoilla (Non-Status Sámi Locations within Sámi Borderlands) Doctoral Thesis by Erika Sarivaara. Sámi Allaskuvla, DIEDUT 2/2012, 300pp. ISBN 978-82-7367-031-1; by Tanja Joona Book Review: Mario Prost, The Concept of Unity in Public International Law, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2012, pp. 226. Hardback: 9781849460439; by Ulf Linderfalk