European Yearbook / Annuaire Européen, Volume 60A (2012)


The European Yearbook promotes the scientific study of nineteen European supranational organisations and the OECD. The series offers a detailed survey of the history, structure and yearly activities of each organisation and an up-to-date overview of the member states of each organisation. This special anniversary volume celebrates 60 years of publication of the Yearbook, and its contents differs from that of the regular volumes therefore. It offers a selection of the most important articles, dealing with European cooperation and integration, to appear in the Yearbook during its 60 years of publication. These are of particular interest not only because they provide a unique historical “snapshot” of the many successes (and occasional failures) in the field of European integration but also because they discuss the ideals and aims that lay behind these efforts, many of which still resonate today as Europe confronts questions about its political destiny and ideal shape.
This volume contains articles in English and French.

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Préface/Preface Reflexions sur l’unite europeenne/Reflections on European Unity L’Europe est une communauté spirituelle et culturelle Robert Schuman (i, 1948-1953); Summary World Organization and European Integration C. Wilfred Jenks (i, 1948-1953); Resume Sociological Aspects of European Integration Bart Landheer (iii, 1955); Resume Critique de l’Europe Salvador de Madariaga (v, 1957); Summary Opinion on Europe Nels Anderson (v, 1957); Resume Trade Unions and European Integration R. Colin Beever (xi, 1963); Resume Robert Schuman Prize 1969 Address Walter Hallstein (xvi, 1968); Resume « Pour l’Europe, malgré la crise » François-Xavier Ortoli (xxiv, 1976); “For Europe, Despite the Crisis” Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) et Paneurope Jerzy Lukaszewski (xxviii, 1980); Summary Why NGOs? The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in Parliamentary Democracy Dirk Jarré (xxxiv, 1986); Resume Evenements et developpements historiques/Historical Events and Developments The Balkan Pacts Djura Ninčić (ii, 1954); Resume The Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Political Problem of European Defence Léon Marchal (ii, 1954); Resume L’histoire de la Sarre en documents : de la libération a l’organisation du Référendum du 23 octobre 1955 M. van der Goes van Naters (ii, 1954); Summary Strasbourg at the Periphery: The Council of Europe in 1957 Hugh Beesley (v, 1957); Resume Le Conseil de l’Europe et la crise de Bruxelles Lodovico Benvenuti (x, 1962); The Council of Europe and the Crisis in Brussels European Political Integration: A Record of Confusion and Failure F.A.M. Alting von Geusau (xi, 1963); Resume Le Comité d’Action pour les États-Unis d’Europe Jean Meynaud et Dusan Sidjanski (xiii, 1965); Summary Le Congres de La Haye : avant, pendant et apres Hendrik Brugmans (xv, 1967); Summary Les initiatives du Saint-Siege en faveur de l’unification européenne Giorgio Luigi Bernucci (xviii, 1970); Summary European Political Cooperation Garret FitzGerald (xxii, 1974); Resume A Year of Achievement Roy Jenkins (xxvii, 1979); Une annee de realisations Relations exterieures/ External Relations American Policy on European Integration Vera Micheles Dean (ii, 1954); Resume The Russian View of European Integration Max Beloff (ii, 1954); Resume Europe and the Economic Development of Africa Arthur Gaitskell (vi, 1958); Resume Britain and Europe: The Multivalence of the British Decision U.W. Kitzinger (ix, 1961); Resume Relations between the Council of Europe and the United Nations A.H. Robertson (xviii, 1970); Resume Western Europe and the United States of America The Rt. Hon. Michael Stewart, P.C. (xx, 1972); Resume The European Neutrals and Economic Integration in Western Europe Paul Luif (xxxv, 1987); Resume What Necessity for European Union Enlargement? Clive H. Church (xli, 1993); Resume Protection des droits fondamentaux/Protection of Fundamental Rights La Convention européenne des droits de l’homme : ses origines, ses objectifs, ses realizations Polys Modinos (i, 1948-1953); Summary La Cour européenne des droits de l’homme. René Cassin (vii, 1959); Summary The Enlargement of the European Communities and the Protection of Human Rights Max Sorensen (xix, 1971); Resume The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the European Communities Hans G. Petersmann (xxiii, 1975); Resume Minorities and Europe: The Architecture of Rights Patrick Thornberry (xlii, 1994); Resume Conseil de l’Europe et Union européenne pour la parité femmes/homes Giuseppe Vedovato (xlvi, 1998); Summary Institutions et questions institutionnelles/Institutions and Institutional Issues L’Action de la Communauté européenne du charbon et de l’acier Franz Etzel (i, 1948-1953); Summary A Comparative Study of Certain European Parliamentary Assemblies Einar Lochen (iv, 1956); Resume The European Monetary Agreement: Its Structure and Working Alexander Elkin (vii, 1959); Resume Atlantic Unity versus European Division Michael A. Heilperin (viii, 1960); Resume Benelux C.D.A. van Lynden (viii, 1960); Summary 1973 – A Turning Point for EFTA and for the Trading Arrangements of Western Europe Bengt Rabaeus (xxi, 1973); Resume Le rôle de la Cour de justice dans le développement des Communautés Robert Lecourt (xxiv, 1976); Summary Pouvoirs limités mais influence réelle d’un organe consultatif : l’Assemblée parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe Gaetano Adinolfi (xxvii, 1979); Summary “And Now We Are One”: The First Year of the European Parliament Robert Jackson (xxvii, 1979); Resume Le Conseil européen Leo Tindemans (xxviii, 1980); Summary Politiques europeennes/European Policies Problems of a European Policy in the Cultural Field Wilhelm Cornides (iii, 1955); Resume La politique agricole commune de la Communauté économique européenne S.L. Mansholt (vii, 1959); Summary The European Social Charter: An Instrument of Social Collaboration in Europe F. Tennfjord (ix, 1961); Resume La Conférence européenne des pouvoirs locaux Henry Cravatte (x, 1962); Summary L’Évolution de la coopération en matiere juridique dans le cadre du Conseil de l’Europe Roland Muller (xii, 1964); Summary The Council for Cultural Co-operation Anthony Haigh (xvi, 1968); Resume European Social Policy: A New Face for the Community Patrick Hillery (xxi, 1973); Resume European Cultural Identity and Protection of the European Cultural Heritage Marcelino Oreja (xxxiv, 1986); Resume The 1989 Revolution and the Construction of a New European Security Framework Willem van Eekelen (xxxvii, 1989); Resume Not As Propaganda, But to Tell the Truth: The Council of Europe’s Work on History Teaching, 1949-1997 Maitland Stobart (xlv, 1997); Resume A la recherche de l’union monétaire de l’Europe (1945-2000) Pierre du Bois (xlvi, 1998); Summary