Culture and Circulation

Literature in Motion in Early Modern India

Culture and Circulation reflects an innovative approach to early modern Indian literature. The authors foreground the complex hybridity of literary genres and social milieus, capturing elements that have eluded traditional literary history. In this book, jointly edited by Thomas de Bruijn and Allison Busch, Hindi authors rub shoulders with their Persian counterparts in the courts of Mughal India; the fame of Mirabai, a poetess from Rajasthan, travels to Punjab; the sayings of Kabir are found to be as difficult to pin down as the holy men who transmitted them. Drawing on new archives in several Indian languages, Culture and Circulation presents fresh ideas that will be of interest to scholars of Indian literature, religious studies, and early modern history.
Contributors include Stefano Pellò,Thibaut d'Hubert,Corinne Lefèvre, John Stratton Hawley, Gurinder Singh Mann, Thomas de Bruijn, Catharina Kiehnle, Allison Busch, Francesca Orsini, Heidi Pauwels, Robert van de Walle.

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Thomas de Bruijn, Ph.D. (1996), University of Leiden, is an independent scholar. He was affiliated fellow at IIAS, Leiden and guest lecturer at INALCO, Paris. He regularly publishes on modern and premodern Indian literature. His publications include the book Ruby in the Dust: Poetry and History in Padmāvat by the South Asian Sufi Poet Muḥammad Jāyasī (Leiden University Press, 2012).
Allison Busch, Ph.D. (2003), University of Chicago, is Associate Professor of Hindi literature in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies at Columbia University in New York. She is a specialist in courtly traditions and the author of Poetry of Kings (Oxford University Press, 2011) as well as numerous articles on the literary and intellectual history of North India.
'The essays here invite us to see early modern India as a world in motion. This volume will be most accessible to advanced students; but the thrust of the volume’s argument is one that should be incorporated into even the most elementary of courses of South Asian literature, culture, and religion.'
John E. Cort, Denison University, Religious Studies Review 42/3 (2016)
List of Contributors

Introduction - Thomas de Bruijn and Allison Busch
Persian as a Passe-Partout: the Case of Mīrzā ‘Abd al-Qader Bīdil and his Hindu Disciples - Stefano Pellò
Pirates, Poets, and Merchants: Bengali Language and Literature in Seventeenth-Century Mrauk-U - Thibaut d'Hubert
The Court of ʿAbd-ur-Raḥīm Khān-i Khānān as a Bridge between Iranian and Indian Cultural Traditions - Corinne Lefèvre
Mirabai at the Court of Guru Gobind Singh - John Stratton Hawley and Gurinder Singh Mann
Shifting Semantics in Early Modern North Indian Poetry: Circulation of Culture and Meaning - Thomas de Bruijn
The Gopīs of the Jñāndev Gāthā - Catharina Kiehnle
Poetry in Motion: Literary Circulation in Mughal India - Allison Busch
“Krishna is the Truth of Man”: Mir ‘Abdul Wahid Bilgrami’s Haqā’iq-i Hindī (Indian Truths) and the Circulation of Dhrupad and Bishnupad - Francesca Orsini
Culture in Circulation in Eighteenth-Century North India: Urdu Poetry by a Rajput Krishna Devotee - Heidi Pauwels
A Braj Poet in Colonial Times - Robert van de Walle

South Asianists, students, scholars and teachers in literature, history and religion of early modern India. Students and scholars of exchange and hybridity in early modern literature, religion and culture.