Audias fabulas veteres. Anatolian Studies in Honor of Jana Součková-Siegelová


The publication Audias fabulas veteres. Anatolian Studies in Honor of Jana Součková-Siegelová contains 31 contributions on current research topics in the fields of Ancient Anatolian and Near Eastern Languages, History, Religion, and Literature. The topics cover not only the main languages of this geographical area, such as Hittite, Luwian, Hattian, Hurrian, Akkadian, and Sumerian but also comparative linguistics and the latest methods of digitalising cuneiform texts, as well as religion, mythology and divinities, rituals, proverbs and analysis of geographical and historical documentation. Finally, it offers new analyses of some of the most remarkable texts and text passages of the ancient Anatolian literary tradition.
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Mgr. Šárka Velhartická,Ph.D. (2011), studied Languages and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East at the Freie Universität Berlin, and Cuneiform, Ethnology and Comparative Linguistics at Charles University in Prague. She specialises in ancient Anatolia, comparative linguistics and multilingual education, and is editor of the volumes Bedřich Hrozný and 100 Years of Hittitology and Dopisy Bedřicha Hrozného literárním osobnostem.

Table of contents

Editor’s Foreword
Tabula gratulatoria
Jana Součková-Siegelová (Gernot Wilhelm)
Jana Součková-Siegelová and the Náprstek Museum Prague (Milena Secká)
Bibliography of Jana Součková-Siegelová (Milena Secká, Šárka Velhartická)
List of Abbreviations
List of Authors
Proverbs and rhetorical strategies in § 7’ of the Hittite Instructions for Priests and Temple Personnel (CTH 264), Silvia Alaura
Luwian Monumental Inscriptions and Luwians in Northern Syria, Alfonso Archi
The Old Woman: Female Wisdom as a Resource and a Threat in Hittite Anatolia, Gary Beckman
A study in doors, Petr Charvát
Das semantische Feld der hethitischen Verwaltungssprache, Paola Cotticelli-Kurras
Išuwa and Ḫatti during the Early Hittite Empire (Tutḫaliya I – Šuppiluliuma I), Stefano de Martino
Ivory Pyxis in the National Museum, Prague, Marie Dufková
Zur Syntax des vedischen und hethitischen Vokativs im Vergleich, Heiner Eichner
Überlegungen zur Textherstellung des Ḫedammu-Mythos, Detlev Groddek
The story of Wāšitta and Kumarbi, Alwin Kloekhorst
SIURI – SINURI, deux divinités à redécouvrir, René Lebrun
MEŠ4 – ein Pluraldeterminativ im Hethitischen, Jürgen Lorenz / Elisabeth Rieken
Die sogenannten „eingepunzten“ Hieroglypheninschriften von Boğazköy: Status quaestionis, Massimiliano Marazzi
Marginalia to the Myth of Telipinu, H. Craig Melchert
Activities and roles of court dignitaries towards the end of the Hittite Empire, Clelia Mora
La fête dite de l’intronisation CTH 659, Alice Mouton
Auf der Suche nach dem Schreiberprofil, Gerfrid G.W. Müller
Etymologisches und Morphologisches zu einigen anatolischen Wörtern, Norbert Oettinger
The Hieroglyphic Sign EGO(2), Annick Payne
Zippalanda and the Cities of Central Anatolia: Economic and Religious Connections, Franca Pecchioli Daddi
Nuovi sigilli in luvio geroglifico VIII, Massimo Poetto
One more hapax crux in Hittite, Jaan Puhvel
The Hattian-Hittite Foundation Rituals from Ortaköy (II). Fragments to CTH 726 “Rituel bilingue de fondation d’un temple ou d’un palais”, Oğuz Soysal / Aygül Süel
On Anatolian Traditions of the Old Hittite Kingship, Piotr Taracha
A Hittite View of Lullubum and its World, İlknur Taş / Selim F. Adalı
Eine alternative Deutung des „Wildtierparks“ im Anitta-Text, Ahmet Ünal
Cuneiform Texts in the Náprstek Museum Prague, Luděk Vacín
A Brief Note on the Syntax of Writing in Hittite, Theo van den Hout
Dokumentation zu Bedřich Hrozný in den Archiven des tschechischen Nationalmuseums, Šárka Velhartická
Schreiber und Beschwörung im Hurritischen, Gernot Wilhelm
A Luwian Welcome, Ilya Yakubovich


All interested in Ancient Anatolian Studies, especially the languages of Ancient Anatolia and the Near East, and anyone concerned with Comparative Linguistics, Near Eastern Studies, Ancient Religion, Literature and History.


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