Jewish Youth around the World, 1990-2010

Social Identity and Values in a Comparative Approach


In Jewish Youth around the World 1990-2010: Social Identity and Values, Erik Cohen offers a rich and multi-faceted picture of Jewish adolescents and young adults today. Based on numerous empirical studies conducted by the author over the course of two decades among various populations in Israel and every major Diaspora country, it considers a range of issues, including: demographics and migration patterns, Jewish identity, involvement in the Jewish community, leisure time activities, values, relationship to Israel and to the global Jewish collective. In-depth analysis of the data uncovers similarities and differences of various sub-populations by nationality, level of religiosity, age, gender and more. The book is pioneering in its comparative approach to Jewish youth around the world.

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Biographical Note

Erik H. Cohen Z"l, PhD in Sociology, University of Paris X, France, is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Bar Ilan University. He has directed numerous international studies and published widely on the sociology of Jewish identity around the world.

Table of contents

Preface by Judit Bokser Liwerant
Chapter 1: Jewish Identity
Chapter 2: Leisure Time Activities
Chapter 3: General Values Among Jewish Youth
Chapter 4: Jewish Values
Chapter 5: The Holistic Organization of Values
Chapter 6: Relationship of Diaspora Jewish Youth to Israel
Chapter 7: Israeli Youth: Homeland, Diaspora, and Global Identity
Epilogue: Towards a Theory of Global Jewish Youth Studies
Afterword by David Zisenwine


Scholars, researchers, educators, policy-makers and students interested in Jewish identity and education; youth; leisure; and social identity (ethnic, religious and national).


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