Islam: Essays on Scripture, Thought and Society

A Festschrift in Honour of Anthony H. Johns


This volume comprises 17 articles on various aspects of Islamic Studies, brought together to celebrate the scholarly work of Professor A.H. Johns, which spans Islam of the medieval Middle East and Islam in Southeast Asia. The first part of the book contains 9 articles which deal with Islam as a scriptural religion, concerned to revere and interpret the Qur’ān, and promote the spread and doctrinal purity of Islam. Subjects included are Qur’anic exegesis, problems of translating the Qur’ān into Chinese, and analyses of the theological reasoning used by Muslim scholars.
The second part of the book contains 8 articles which deal with Islam in Southeast Asia, especially Javanese Islam and modern articulations of Islam inspired by Muḥammad ‘Abduh. Subjects dealt with include the Islamisation of the Javanese Court, and the impact of the journal al-Manār on religious discussion in the archipelago.

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Peter G. Riddel is Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Linguistics, and Director of the Centre for Islamic Studies and Muslim-Christian Relations, at the London Bible College (Brunel University). His Ph.D. thesis was published as Transferring a Tradition ( Berkeley, 1990: Centers for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California). He is currently preparing a book on the sources and development of Islamic thought in the Malay-Indonesian world c1300-c1990. Tony Street is Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University. He works on medieval Arabic logic, and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.
All those interested in Islamic History, scripture and thought, Islamic mysticism, the transmission of Islam to Asia and Africa, and resulting processes of Adaptation.