Spanish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 17 (2011-2012)


The Spanish Yearbook of International Law brings together information concerning Spanish legal practice and a bibliography over the period of one year and makes it available to an international readership.
It serves as a vehicle for furthering knowledge of Spanish doctrine and practice (treaties, municipal legislation, parliamentary practice and judicial decisions) in the field of international law among an audience with no knowledge of Spanish. It deals with Private, Public International Law and International Relations taken in a broad sense to include summary treatment of international organizations of which Spain is a member.
Edited at the University of Málaga by the Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales (AEPDIRI).

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Contents Rafael Casado Raigon “In Memoriam Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo: Grand Master, Grand Human Being” Articles Yolanda Gamarra Chopo “History of the Historiography of Spanish Textbooks and Treatises on International Law of the 19th Century” Victor L. Gutierrez Castillo & Juan J. Garcia Blesa “The Environmental Protection Regimes Governing Maritime Renewable Energies in the EU and Their Implementation in the Marine and Coastal Areas of the South of Spain” Francesco Seatzu “Civil Society Participation in the Interamerican Development Bank’s Activities and Operations: Enhancing Democratic Accountability?” Marta Sosa Navarro “A Hybrid Strategy to Prosecute the Waging of War” Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice Spanish Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice in Public International Law, 2011–June 2012 Treaties Treaties to which Spain is a Party Concerning Matters of Public International Law, January 2011–June 2012 Treaties to which Spain is a Party Concerning Matters of Private International Law, 2011–June 2012 Judicial Decisions Spanish Judicial Decisions in Public International Law, 2011–2012 Spanish Judicial Decisions in Private International Law, 2012 Literature Spanish Literature in the Fields of Public and Private International Law, European Union Law, International Relations and Related Matters, 2011–July 2012 General Rules for Publication