Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity

Movements, Institutions, and Allegiance


Editor: Stephen J. Hunt
The Handbook of Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions & Allegiance traces how the largest religion in the world continues to be expressed in energetic global dynamic forms. In contemporary times Christianity is increasingly exposed to divisions, not only through its traditional channels – Roman Catholic, Protestant and the Orthodoxy – nor conservative and liberal streams, but numerous nuanced articulations. This is reflected in the roles of clergy and lay people, in organisational dynamics, sources of allegiance and articulations of the faith, movements of renewal and revivalism, syncretic modes, and broader relationships with wider cultural trajectories and changing social circumstances. Collectively the contributors to this volume offer a comprehensive exploration of these themes. The volume is a companion to the Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity.
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Review Quotes

'This text will be of great interest to postgraduate and undergraduate students, religious leaders, and others seeking detailed information on the cross-sections of Christianity. Researchers in the fields of theology, sociology, and history will discover how Christianity influences the modern world and will find valuable contributions in this book. The companion volume, Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity: Trends and Developments in Culture, Politics and Society expands on topics of contemporary Christianity and will be another useful text for research.
Highly recommended. - Janis Minshull, American Reference Books Annual (2016) 'The Handbook demonstrates the significance of appreciating the fluidity of Christianity as it translates in ever-changing socio-political landscapes. (...) I do recommend this volume to scholars and students in humanities and social sciences and anyone who wants to understand historical and contemporary trajectories in GCC.'
Chammah J. Kaunda, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Mission Studies 35 (2018)


This volume will be of interest to Institutes, academic libraries, specialists, post-graduate students, and undergraduate students in the disciplines of theology, religious studies, and the sociology of religion.