Studies on Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (1949–2009)


Editor: Paul D'Ambrosio
Guo Qiyong’s edited volume on contemporary Chinese philosophy offers a detailed look at research on Chinese philosophy published from 1949-2009 in Mainland China and Taiwan. The chapters in this volume are broken down into either major themes or time periods in the history of Chinese philosophy. In each chapter after summarizing significant aspects of a particular theme or time period, lists are drawn up of the most important works, along with comments on their individual contributions.

This volume allows readers to both familiarize themselves with specific texts and become immersed in the more general philosophical discourse surrounding the history of Chinese philosophy. It provides an in-depth look into serious debates and major discoveries in Chinese language philosophical scholarship from 1949-2009.

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Biographical Note

Guo Qiyong, Ph.D. (1984), Wuhan University, is a Professor of Chinese Philosophy at that university. He has published over ten monographs, and over one hundred articles. Professor Guo has also taught or held positions at over twenty international universities and academic institutions.

Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. (2013) teaches Chinese philosophy at East China Normal University, where he also serves as dean of the intercultural center. He has published monographs, translations, and dozens of articles on Chinese philosophy, including Genuine Pretending (2017).

Table of contents

Translators Introduction

Introduction: Looking Back and Reflecting on Sixty Years of Research on Chinese Philosophy
Translated by Chad Meyers
 1 Two Big Stages and Five Small Stages
 2 The Eight Big Fields that Have Been Popular in the Last Thirty Years

1 The Fusion of East and West and the Establishment of Chinese Philosophy as a Discipline in the Early Twentieth Century
Translated by Yuan Ali
 1 Wang Guowei, Liang Qichao, and Chinese Philosophy as a Discipline
 2 The Paradigm of Hu Shi and Feng Youlan—Under the Influence of Anglo-American Philosophy
 3 The Paradigms of Guo Moruo and Hou Wailu—Under the Influence of Marxism

2 The Early Achievements in Research on Chinese Philosophy (1949–1978)
Translated by Chad Meyers
 1 Chinese Philosophy under the Direction of Marxism
 2 Chinese Philosophy’s Paradigm of the “Two Pairs” and the Corresponding Debate
 3 The Initial Academic Achievements of Research in Chinese Philosophy

3 Transformations in the Research on Chinese Philosophy (1978–2009)
Translated by Dan Sarafinas
 1 Liberation in Thought and the Shifting Research Paradigm
 2 Historical Research and Research in Philosophical Categories
 3 Subjectivity of Chinese Philosophy and Paradigm Reconstruction

4 Research on Pre-Qin Philosophy
Translated by C.M. Morrow
 1 Confucianism
 2 Daoism
 3 Mohism
 4 The Logicians, Legalists, and Military Strategists

5 Philosophical Research on the Qin-Han and Sui-Tang Periods
Translated by Chad Meyers
 1 Philosophical Thought in the Qin-Han
 2 Wei-Jin Xuanxue
 3 The Collation of Classical Buddhist Texts and the History of Chinese Buddhism
 4 Major Buddhist Schools
 5 The Collation of Daoist Texts and the History of Chinese Daoism
 6 Daoist Schools
 7 Sui-Tang Confucianism and School of Confucian Classics

6 Research on Song-Ming Neo-Confucianism
Translated by Chad Meyers and Joanna Guzowska
 1 Cheng-Zhu Neo-Confucianism
 2 The Lu-Wang School of Mind
 3 The Qi Tradition and Early Enlightenment

7 Studies in Early Modern and Modern Chinese Philosophy
Translated by Joanna Guzowska
 1 Research in Early Modern Philosophy
 2 The Sinicization of Marxist Philosophy
 3 Modern New Confucianism
 4 Liberalism

8 Contemporary Scholarship on Chinese Classics
Translated by Martyna Świątczak
 1 Classics and the Study of Classics as the Foundation of Chinese Culture
 2 The Study of the Zhou Yi and Its Commentaries since the 1950s
 3 Overview of the Scholarship on Shi and Shu in Recent Years

9 A Study of Minorities Philosophy
Translated by Sharon Small
 1 The Rise and Controversy of “Minorities Philosophy”
 2 Specific Research
 3 A Comprehensive History of and Monograph on the Philosophy of All Ethnic Groups
 4 Trends

10 Studies on Ancient Philosophy of Nature and the Philosophy of Science and Technology
Translated by Paul J. D’Ambrosio
 1 Ancient Philosophy of Nature and Its Characteristics
 2 Philosophical Thinking in Ancient Science and Technology
 3 On the Relationship between Ancient Philosophy and Science and Technology
 4 Ancient Philosophy of Nature and the Research Method of the Philosophy of Science and Technology

11 Studies in Classical Logic and Epistemology
Translated by Joanna Guzowska
 1 Research in the History of Chinese Logic
 2 Problematik in Chinese Logic
 3 Major Developments in the Study of Classical Epistemology
 4 Research Paradigms in the Study of Chinese Logic and Classical Epistemology

12 Studies on Ancient Social and Political Philosophy
Translated by Martyna Świątczak
 1 Three Stages of Studies on Ancient Political Philosophy
 2 Contemporary Research on Ancient Political Philosophy
 3 Specific Topics of Scholarship on Ancient Political Philosophy in Recent Years
 4 The Methodological Reflection and Prospects of Scholarship on Ancient Political Philosophy
 5 Society, Religion, Ethics, and Rites in Ancient China

13 Excavated Bamboo and Silk Texts in Scholarship on the History of Chinese Philosophy
Translated by Robert Carleo III
 1 Relevant Excavated Texts of the Last Six Decades
 2 Excavated Texts and Scholarship on Classics and Masters Literature

Guo Qiyong 郭齐勇

Glossary of Historical Texts
Glossary of Personal Names


All interested in Chinese philosophy during any period, especially those concerned with modern Chinese scholarship on Chinese philosophy.

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