Ve-Eileh Divrei David

Essays in Semitics, Hebrew Bible and History of Biblical Scholarship


Ve-Eileh Divrei David: Essays in Semitics, Hebrew Bible and History of Biblical Scholarship, covers the career of S. David Sperling, a well-known and respected Biblical scholar. It is divided into three sections representing the three foci of the author’s work namely, Semitic philology, Bible, and the history of biblical scholarship. The chapters represent a remarkable 40 years of scholarship and convey deep knowledge of a range of topics that is rarely paralleled in today’s scholarship.
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Biographical Note

S. David Sperling, Ph.D. (1973) Columbia University, is Professor of Bible and holds the Rabbi Julian Morgenstern Chair in Bible at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York. He has published many articles and books including Students of the Covenant (1992) and The Original Torah (1998). He was also editor of the Bible Division of the Encyclopaedia Judaica (2007).

Table of contents

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List of Original Sources
Chapter 1: ḥgr I and ḥgr II
Chapter 2: Akkadian egerrû and Hebrew bt qwl
Chapter 3: Late Hebrew ḥzr and Akkadian saḫāru
Chapter 4: Genesis 41:40: A New Interpretation
Chapter 5: A šu-íl-lá to Ištar (Ebeling Handerhebung 60)
Chapter 6: An Arslan Tash Incantation: Interpretations and Implications
Chapter 7: KAI 24 Re-Examined
Chapter 8: Aramaic NZH and Akkadian NESÛ
Chapter 9: ḤBR and Friends
Chapter 10: Aramaic Spousal Misunderstandings
Chapter 11: Talmud: East and West
Chapter 12: Joshua 24 Re-examined
Chapter 13: Deuteronomy 6:4- יהוה אחד : A New Proposal
Chapter 14: Biblical rḥm I and rḥm II
Chapter 15: Rethinking Covenant in Late Biblical Books
Chapter 16: Pants, Persians, and the Priestly Source
Chapter 17: Miriam, Aaron and Moses: Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 18: The Law and the Prophet
Chapter 19: Monotheism and Ancient Israelite Religion
Chapter 20: Dinah, ʿInnah, and Related Matters
Chapter 21: Jewish Biblical Scholarship in America: The Beginnings
Chapter 22: The Bible at Columbia University


All interested in the Bible, biblical religion and ancient Semitics, and anyone concerned with the history of biblical scholarship.

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