Other Logics

Alternatives to Formal Logic in the History of Thought and Contemporary Philosophy


Editor: Admir Skodo
Other Logics: Alternatives to Formal Logic in the History of Thought and Contemporary Philosophy challenges the widespread idea of formal logic as inherently monolithic, universal, and ahistorical. Written by both leading and up-and-coming scholars, and edited by Admir Skodo, Other Logics offers a wide variety of historical and philosophical alternatives to this idea, all arguing that logic is a historical, concrete, and multi-dimensional phenomenon. To name a few examples, Frank Ankersmit lays down a representationalist logic, Alessandra Tanesini forcefully argues for the possibility of logical aliens, Christopher Watkin analyzes how leading contemporary French philosophers view the idea of logic, and Aaron Wendland unearths Heidegger's critique of formal logic. In Other Logics readers will find provocative interventions in a highly contested field in contemporary philosophy.
Contributors include: Frank Ankersmit, Christopher Watkin, Giuseppina D'Oro, Alessandra Tanesini, Admir Skodo, Aaron Wendland, Ervik Cejvan, Anders Kraal, Christopher Fear, Karim Dharamsi, Johan Modée, and Thord Svensson.

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Biographical Note
Admir Skodo, Ph.D., European University Institute, is Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. He has published numerous articles in refereed historical and philosophical journals.
Table of contents
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments 4
Notes on Contributors 5
Other Logics: Introduction, by Admir Skodo 7
1. Proving the Principle of Logic: Quentin Meillassoux, Jean-Luc Nancy and the Anhypothetical, by Christopher Watkin 26
2. The Self, Ideology, and Logic: F.C.S. Schiller’s Pragmatist Critique of and Alternative to Formal Logic, by Admir Skodo 44
3. Language, Truth, and Logic: Heidegger on the Practical and Historical Grounds of Abstract Thought, by Aaron James Wendland 67
4. The Obstacle: Jacques Lacan’s Critique of the Formal Logical Representation of the Real, by Ervik Cejvan 85
5. Collingwood’s Logic of Question and Answer against the Relativization of Reason, by Christopher Fear 103
6. Representationalist Logic, by Frank Ankersmit 128
7. On Logical Aliens, by Alessandra Tanesini 151
8. The Heart of Metaphysical Pluralism and the Consistency Dilemma: A Critical Analysis of the Possibility of Incompatible Truths, by Thord Svensson 183
9. The Logic of “Oughts” and the Bindingness of Past Practice: A Critique of Normative Judgment Internalism through a Reading of King Lear’s Act I, by Karim Dharamsi 209
10. First-Order Logic, Incongruism, and Anti-Formalism, by Anders Kraal 231
11. Zombies, Selves, and the Possibility of Afterlife, by Johan Modée 247
12. The Logocentric Predicament and the Logic of Question and Answer, by Giuseppina D'Oro 263

All interested in the history and philosophy of logic, and anyone who is concerned with historical and philosophical alternatives to formal logic.
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