Muslims in British Local Government

Representing Minority Interests in Hackney, Newham, and Tower Hamlets


This book investigates whether the presence of Muslim representatives in city councils improves substantive representation of Muslim interests across 32 London boroughs. It theorizes that descriptive representation of minorities leads to improved responsiveness to minority interests contingent on the percentage of minority representatives, the proportion of minorities in the district, level of party fragmentation among minority representatives, their political incorporation, and the electoral competitiveness of the district. It uses multivariate regression analysis to test the effects of these five explanatory variables. It validates the quantitative findings with case studies of three London boroughs while also investigating the role of representational styles of Muslim councillors on their political attitudes and behavior.
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Biographical Note

Eren Tatari is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Rollins College, FL. She is the author of Surrendering to God: Understanding Islam in the Modern Age (Tughra Publications, 2012).

Table of contents

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Ch. 1: Introduction: Muslims in Western Politics
Ch. 2: Muslims and Minority Politics in Britain
Ch. 3: Government Responsiveness to Muslim Interests
Ch. 4: Across London Boroughs
Ch. 5: London Borough Councils and Tower Hamlets
Ch. 6: London Borough of Newham
Ch. 7: London Borough of Hackney
Ch. 8: Comparative Analysis and Muslims in National Governement
Ch. 9: Conclustion


Academics, general public, policy analysts and policy makers in or focusing on countries with Muslim minorities


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