Religion, Ethnicity and Transnational Migration between West Africa and Europe


Religion, Ethnicity and Transnational Migration between West Africa and Europe focuses on the West African migrants’ presence in Europe and the way they negotiate religion and ethnicity in a new context. Special attention is given to the diversity of religious background of the migrants and to exploration of interreligious (especially Christian-Muslim) relations. These dimensions of transnational migration have not been widely researched, yet.
After introducing the new African religious diaspora, the situation of the Senegalese, Ghanaian and Fulbe migrants – both Christian and Muslim – in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland is analysed. The impact the migrants make on their communities of origin in Africa is also taken into account.

Contributors are: Afe Adogame, Martha Frederiks, Stanisław Grodź, Tilmann Heil, Monika Salzbrunn, José C.M. van Santen, Miriam Schader, Etienne Smith and Gina Gertrud Smith.

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Biographical Note

Stanisław Grodź, Ph.D. (2003) is lecturer at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. He has published on the interaction of religions in West Africa and Europe, African Christian theology, including the monograph African Christology in its Indigenous Cultural Context (Lublin, 2005).

Gina Gertrud Smith, M.A. is associate researcher at the Centre of European Islamic Thinking, University of Copenhagen. She has published the monograph Medina Gounass (Copenhagen, 2008), and the articles 'Educational Choices in Senegal' ( Fieldwork in Religion) and 'Religious Retreats and Transcultural Challenges' ( Journal of Muslims in Europe).

Review Quotes

‘…the emphasis on West African Muslims in Europe and the recurrent themes of West Africans’ self-perception versus their socio-political marginality in Europe make this edited volume a much needed and valuable contribution to the study of migrants’ identity formation.’
Amber Gemmeke in Journal of Islamic Studies, Published online 10 June 2015

Table of contents


Introduction, Stanisław Grodź and Gina Gertrud Smith

1. Reinventing Africa? The Negotiation of Ethnic Identities in the new African religious diaspora, Afe Adogame
2. Self-identification and Othering among the Senegalese Fulfulde Speaking People and Others, Gina Gertrud Smith
3. Religious pluralism and secularism between Senegal and France: A view from Senegalese families in France, Etienne Smith
4. Dealing with Diversity and Difference in Public. Traces of Casamançais Cohabitation in Catalonia?, Tilmann Heil
5. Senegalese Networks in Switzerland and USA – How Festive Events Reflect Urban Incorporation Processes, Monika Salzbrunn
6. Religion as a resource for the political involvement of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in Berlin, Miriam Schader
7. Between Ghana and the Netherlands: Ghanaian Muslims Engaging in Interreligious Relationships, Martha Frederiks and Stanisław Grodź
8. Fulani Identity, Citizenship and Islam in an International Context of Migration, José C.M. van Santen

Religion, Ethnicity and Transnational Migration between West Africa and Europe. An Epilogue, Martha Frederiks


All interested in the complexity of African identities and their shaping in the migratory context of contemporary Europe; those interested in the intersection of migration studies and the study of religion.