Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, Volume 2


Chinese Research Perspectives on Society, (the former China Society Yearbook) Volume 2 continues the tradition of presenting the findings of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ subject research group for the “Analysis and Forecast of the Social Situation” in China. This volume includes analyses of some important social issues in China for 2011-2013, including the urban-rural income and its reform; new development in Chinese social security; reform and development of medical and healthcare industries; living and health issues of the senior population; and employment difficulties, among others.
Written by contributors from professional research and survey organizations, universities, and related governmental sections, Chinese Research Perspective on Society, Volume 2 provides an excellent resource for those interested in current societal changes in China.

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Li Peilin is Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Vice President of Chinese Sociological Association, and Editor-in-Chief of Sociological Studies.

Chen Guangjin is Director of the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

Zhang Yi is Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).
1 Marching Toward a New Phase of Development: Building a Moderately Prosperous (Xiaokang) Society
——Analysis and Forecast: Chinese Society from 2011-2012
The “Analysis and Forecast of Societal Features” team, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, CHEN Guangjin
2 Chinese Urban-Rural Income and Consumption in 2012, LÜ Qingzhe
3 Problems in China’s Income Distribution and Focuses of Reform: 2012-2013, YANG Yiyong and CHI Zhenhe
4 New Development in Chinese Social Security in 2012, WANG Fayun and DING Yi
5 Report on Reforms to and Development of the Medical and Healthcare Industries in 2012, FANG Lijie
6 China’s Floating Population in 2012, TIAN Feng
7 Chinese Urban Resident Quality of Life Investigative Report 2012, YUAN Yue, ZHANG Hui, and J IANG Jianjian
8 The Chinese Senior Population’s Living Arrangements, Health, and Nursing Care
Analysis of Data from the Sixth Population Census, ZHANG Yi
9 New Changes to the Employment Difficulties Experienced by University Graduates: A Longitudinal Study of Graduates of Twelve Higher Learning Institutions, LI Chunling
10 Analysis of Internet-based Public Opinion in China, 2012, ZHU Huaxin, LIU Pengfei, and SHAN Xuegang
11 Differentiation of Economic and Political Status of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs, ZHANG Houyi and LÜ Peng
12 2012 Peasant Development Report, FAN Ping
13 Labor Relations Regulations and Institutions amid Slow Economic Growth, 2012, QIAO Jian
14 Statistical Overview of Social Development, ZHANG Liping
All those interested in developments in Chinese society, social policy, and developments in the field of sociology in China. Also an excellent primary source for examining how professors and researchers in China discuss and analyze social issues confronting their country.