A Companion to Latin Greece


The conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the armies of the Fourth Crusade resulted in the foundation of several Latin political entities in the lands of Greece. The Companion to Latin Greece offers thematic overviews of the history of the mixed societies that emerged as a result of the conquest.
With dedicated chapters on the art, literature, architecture, numismatics, economy, social and religious organisation and the crusading involvement of these Latin states, the volume offers an introduction to the study of Latin Greece and a sampler of the directions in which the field of research is moving.

Contributors are: Nikolaos Chrissis, Charalambos Gasparis, Anastasia Papadia-Lala, Nicholas Coureas, David Jaccoby, Julian Baker, Gill Page, Maria Georgopoulou and Sophia Kalopissi-Verti.

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Nickiphoros I. Tsougarakis, studied for his PhD at the Institute for Medieval Studies of the University of Leeds and is now Lecturer in History at Edge Hill University. He is the author of The Latin Religious Orders in Medieval Greece, 1204-1500 (Turnhout, 2012).

Peter Lock, Professor of History at York St John University, retired in August 2008. He is the author of Franks in the Aegean (London, 1995), The Routledge Companion to the Crusades (London, 2006) and has translated The Book of the Secrets of the Cross by Marino Sanudo Torsello (Farnham, 2011). He has edited The Archaeology of Medieval Greece (Oxford, 1996) with Guy Sanders.
List of Figures and Maps ... vii
Notes on Contributors ... ix
Note on Rendition of Proper Names and Transliteration ... xii

1 The Latins in Greece: A Brief Introduction ... 1
Nickiphoros I. Tsougarakis

2 Crusades and Crusaders in Medieval Greece ... 23
Nikolaos G. Chrissis

3 Land and Landowners in the Greek Territories under Latin Dominion, 13th–14th Centuries ... 73
Charalambos Gasparis

4 Society, Administration and Identities in Latin Greece ... 114
Anastasia Papadia-Lala

5 The Latin and Greek Churches in former Byzantine Lands under Latin Rule ... 145
Nicholas Coureas

6 The Economy of Latin Greece ... 185
David Jacoby

7 Money and Currency in Medieval Greece ... 217
Julian Baker

8 The Jewish Communities in the Social Fabric of Latin Greece: Between Segregation and Interaction ... 255
David Jacoby

9 Literature in Frankish Greece 288
Gill Page

10 The Landscape of Medieval Greece ... 326
Maria Georgopoulou

11 Monumental Art in the Lordship of Athens and Thebes under Frankish and Catalan Rule (1212–1388): Latin and Greek Patronage ... 369
Sophia Kalopissi-Verti

Chronological Table ... 419
Maps ... 433
Collected Bibliography ... 436
Index ... 503
The volume will be of interest to anyone interested in the Latin East in the crusading period. It should be of particular use to post-graduate students embarking on research in this field and to lecturers seeking to introduce aspects of the history of Medieval Greece into their courses.