Entangled Histories of the Balkans - Volume Three

Shared Pasts, Disputed Legacies


Modern Balkan history has traditionally been studied by national historians in terms of separate national histories taking place within bounded state territories. The authors in this volume take a different approach. They view the modern history of the region from a transnational and relational perspective in terms of shared and connected, as well as entangled histories. This regards the treatment of shared historical legacies by rival national historiographies. The volume deals with historiograpical disputes that arose in the process of “nationalizing” the past.

Contributors include: Diana Mishkova, Alexander Vezenkov, Roumen Daskalov, Tchavdar Marinov and Bernard Lory.

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Roumen Daskalov is professor of modern history at the New Bulgarian University and at the Central European University. He authored nine books, most recently Debating the Past: Modern Bulgarian History from Stambolov to Zhivkov (Budapest: CEU Press, 2011).

Alexander Vezenkov is a freelance scholar based in Sofia. His research interests include nineteenth- and twentieth-century urban history and the institutional history of the communist regimes, as well as various aspects of the Tanzimat period in the Ottoman Empire. He is the author of the book The Power Structures of the Bulgarian Communist Party, 1944–1989 (Sofia: Ciela, 2008 [in Bulgarian]).
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Ancient Thrace in the Modern Imagination: Ideological Aspects of the Construction of Thracian Studies in Southeast Europe (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria)
Tchavdar Marinov

The Afterlife of a Commonwealth: Narratives of Byzantium in the National Historiographies
of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania
Diana Mishkova

Feud over the Middle Ages: Bulgarian-Romanian Historiographical Debates
Roumen Daskalov

The Ottoman Legacy in the Balkans
Bernard Lory

The concept of National Revival in Balkan Historiographies
Tchavdar Marinov and Alexander Vezenkov

All those interested in the modern history of the Balkans, the historical legacies in the region and the historiographical disputes they generated.