Conopidae (Diptera)


The World Catalogue of the Conopidae offers the first complete list of this Diptera family worldwide since 1919. 808 recent and fossil species, together with their synonyms, belonging to 57 genera are listed. All original descriptions have been verified by the author. Type material and its depository is described for every species, the published distribution for each species is documented at the country level, and a complete list of references is provided for every record. Published information concerning hosts, possible hosts and egg carriers is compiled, with some 309 host species being reported for 73 species of Conopidae. With more than 1450 literature citations, this catalogue presents by far the most complete taxonomic assessment of this family produced to date.

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Jens-Hermann Stuke, Ph.D. (1967), German entomologist researching various Diptera families since 1988, focusing on taxonomy, faunistics, ecology and morphology. Since 1995 he has produced over 70 publications on fossil and recent Conopidae from all bioregions, describing many new taxa.
Acknowledgments vii
Introduction ix
Basis of the Catalogue xi
Systematics of the Conopidae xiii
Arrangement and Format of the Catalogue XVIII
Remarks on the Catalogue xx
Abbreviations Used for Collections Holding Type Material xxvi
List of Reported Hosts of Conopidae and Egg-carriers xxix

Catalogue 1
Conopinae Latreille, 1802 1
Dalmanniinae Hendel, 1916 136
Myopinae Macquart, 1834 143
Notoconopinae Schneider, 2010 200
✝ Palaeomyopinae Camras, 1994 200
Stylogastrinae Williston, 1885 201
Zodioninae Rondani, 1856 225
unrecognised genus of Conopidae 247

References 249
Index 340
Aimed at entomologists working with Diptera, or parasitoids of Hymenoptera; also taxonomists, curators of Diptera collections and anyone interested in worldwide biodiversity issues.