Translation Technique in the Peshitta to Ezekiel 1-24

A Frame Semantics Approach


The Peshitta Institute Leiden is fulfilling its aim of producing a critical edition of the Old Testament in Syriac according to the Peshitta version. As this critical edition becomes available, Translation Technique in the Peshitta to Ezekiel 1-24: A Frame Semantics Approach takes its role in providing perspectives on the value of the Peshitta to Ezekiel in Old Testament textual studies.

Godwin Mushayabasa uses the cognitive linguistics approach of frame semantics to determine what techniques were used to translate Ezekiel 1-24 from Hebrew to Syriac. He observes that the Peshitta was translated at the level of semantic frames, producing a fairly literal translation. In achieving this, the author also invokes interdisciplinary dialogue between biblical textual studies and cognitive linguistics sciences.
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Biographical Note

Godwin Mhuriyashe Mushayabasa, Ph.D. (2013), North-West University, South Africa, is a Postdoctoral fellow at that university. He has published articles on the Peshitta translation as well as the textual history of the Book of Ezekiel.


All who are interested in Peshitta Studies, Old Testament Textual Studies, Translation Technique Studies and Cognitive Linguistics.


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