International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security

Liber Amicorum Said Mahmoudi

The traditional conception of security as national security against military threats has changed radically since the adoption of the UN Charter in 1945. The perceived nature and sources of threats have been widened as well as the objects of protection, now including individuals, societies, the environment as such and the whole globe. In International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security the contributors reflect on whether and how changing concepts and conceptions of security have affected different fields of international law, such as the use of force, the law of the sea, human rights, international environmental law and international humanitarian law.

The authors of this book have been inspired by Professor Said Mahmoudi to which this Liber Amoricum is dedicated.
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Biographical Note

Jonas Ebbesson is Professor of Environmental Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University. He is also Chairperson of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee and Director of Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre.

Marie Jacobsson is Ambassador and Principal Legal Adviser on International Law at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She is an Associate Professor of International Law at Lund University and a Member of the United Nations International Law Commission.

Mark Klamberg is a senior lecturer at Uppsala University and fellow at Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice. He has previously been a lecturer at Stockholm University and is the author of several publications on international criminal law.

David Langlet is Associate Professor at Stockholm University and research fellow at Stockholm Faculty of Law and Christ Church College in Oxford (2013–2014). He has previously been senior lecturer at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.

Pål Wrange is Professor of public international law at Stockholm University and the Director of the Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice. He previously served as principal legal advisor at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Table of contents

Preface; List of Abbreviations; Academic Writings of Said Mahmoudi;
The Use of Force under the UN Charter: Modification and Reform through Practice or Consensus Ove Bring
Regulating Private Military and Security Companies Iain Cameron
The Mandate of the United Nations Security Council in a Changing World Hans Corell
Who is Responsible and for How Long? Final Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel and the Obligation to Prevent Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons - A Swedish Perspective Per Cramér
Social-Ecological Security and International Law in the Anthropocene Jonas Ebbesson
Nonviolent Geopolitics: Law, Politics, and 21st Century Security Richard Falk
The Progression of International Law in Fostering the Extraterritorial Prosecution of Child Sex Tourist Offences David I Fisher
Margin of Appreciation and National Security Pär Hallström
Syria and the Issue of Chemical Weapons. A Snapshot of a Legal Time-frame: the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118 (2013) and the OPCW Executive Council Decision Marie Jacobsson
International Law in the Age of Asymmetrical Warfare, Virtual Cockpits and Autonomous Robots Mark Klamberg
Climate Change and International Security Timo Koivura
Law of Sustainable Development in the Jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice Abdul G. Koroma
Minerals as Scarce Resources: the Quest for Secure and Sustainable Supply David Langlet
The Security Council, the African Union and the International Criminal Court: Anatomy of a Problematic Relationship Phoebe Okowa
Off-shore Wind Energy Development in International Law Tullio Scovazzi and Ilaria Tani
The Human Security of Endangered Peoples. Indigenous Groups Living in Isolation and First Contact Dinah Shelton
Towards an International Human Rights Judiciary? Geir Ulfstein
Intervention in National and Private Cyberspace and International Law Pål Wrange
Human Rights before Security in Kadi and Beyond Inger Österdahl
About the Contributors; Index.


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