Calcareous Mires of Slovakia

Landscape Setting, Management and Restoration Prospects

Slovakia is blessed with an abundance of natural beauties, and some of them are quite unique within Europe. Calcareous fens, which are peat and travertine (CaCO3) depositing wetlands are such rare ecosystems and in Slovakia they are located almost exclusively in the Western Carpathian Mountains. Calcareous fens are hot spots of biodiversity and some protected and almost untouched sites are discussed in this book.
Such reference area are unique natural archives, and are very suitable for studying their past development and history. An international team of peatland scientists tried to unravel the hydrological and geochemical processes behind the development of calcareous fens and identify the dangers of human interventions in the landscape. The interdisciplinary approach used in these studies include covers historical development, ecology, geology and hydrology.
We believe it will be great inspiration for colleagues in other countries to study and understand the hydrological systems, including threatened wetland types and to propose efficient restoration measures.
Through 'Calcareous Mires of Slovakia', the authors wish to make a contribution to peatland preservation and more effective conservation.
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