De rozenteelt in Nederland

Geschiedenis, literatuur en documenten

In the course of history the rose has gradually grown into a colourful addition to the Dutch cultural heritage. Crowned the "Queen of the flowers" by her numerous admirers she has often been the subject of scholarly as well as popular study. Nevertheless, a distinct and comprehensive work combining the history, historiography and bibliography of rose growing in the Netherlands had not yet been written. In this nicely illustrated book, the autor – an expert in the field – gives a lively account of the career of this royal flower and of the most important Dutch cultivators who contributed to its rise to international fame. Contains a comprehensive bibliography of Dutch books on roses, making it a valuable and substantial reference work for everyone interested in the history of rose growing.

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Drs. Gerrit Kleis (1940) received his education in the Dutch language, history and analytical bibliography at the University of Amsterdam between 1962 and 1969. He wrote several articles on the history of the rose, with which he made the foundation for a bibliography of Dutch monographs on roses.