Technique and Design in the History of Printing

Containing 26 selected and thoroughly rewritten essays and articles (all written by Janssen and published previously between 1976 and 2002 in yearbooks and periodicals) all dedicated to the history of printing and book production, this work draws systematically attention to the typogtaphical design of the book. The articles are mainly divided into two fields of attention: the analytical bibliography of the printed book (book production, studies of the technical aspects of type-setting and printing, type founding, printing presses, paper etc.) and the typographical design of books (its functions and its influence on how texts are read).

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"This is a collection that everyone with a serious interest in the history of printing between the fifteenth and the early nineteenth centuries will need to own. Some of the best designed books on the history of books come ut of the Netherlands, and this is a fine example.” Bulletin du Bibliophile, 2005.
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